Goodluck Jonathan is star candidate for nation's presidency, says analyst


A political commentator and public affairs analyst, Mr. Paul Obanua, said yesterday that contrary to the way the opposition wants the public to see it, the WikiLeaks report on President Goodluck Jonathan further revealed his star leadership qualities. In some reports in the national dailies recently, some opposition groups were quoted as saying that the WikiLeaks report succeeded in exposing the president’s desperation for power and as somebody who should not be trusted with power.

But speaking with LEADERSHIP last night, Mr. Obanua said there was nothing in that report that portrays the president as such.

According to him, “I read the so-called WikiLeaks; there is nothing in that report, assuming the report on President Jonathan was correct that portrayed him as a desperate person. In fact the report further revealed the star leadership qualities of the president; it shows that he is not desperate for power.”

“For example, when the US ambassador asked him if he was interested in contesting for the president, Jonathan replied that he was more concerned about the challenges of the next 12 months but that when the time comes and there was pressure on him to contest, he would consider the option available to him.

“Again, when he was asked about his programme for electoral reform and he promised to carry out a holistic reform in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC); and we can attest to what he is doing today to guarantee free, fair and credible elections in 2011.”

Mr. Obanua added that in the same report, President Jonathan also made it very clear that he would not allow anybody or foreign interests to manipulate him.

“For me, that is a rare quality of a leader for all seasons; a leader that is calm and calculative, a leader who thinks thoroughly before he acts”, the public affairs analyst added.

He challenged the opposition to name any known presidential aspirant that has better experience in good governance and democratic institutions administration than President Jonathan.

Mr. Obanua said it is only Jonathan, among all the presidential aspirants today who had no corruption links to him saying, one of them is even an international crimes suspect.

Source: Leadership