Google's solar sponsorship move brings hopes to millions

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Google incorporation is being urged to extend its solar energy promotion and sponsorship to Africa as the world best search engine embarks on bringing solace to thousands of American homes.

The world most influential and internet research company has been on the forefront of  promotion of clean and green-driven clean energy  provision in its bid to turn a new leave as an ecological green life promoter.

Google is the most popular search engine in Africa and its activities in promoting better life for the people have been shown in some areas of their activities and hopes to outwit other international ICT companies in capturing mainstream African internet and techworld market.

In recent times, the number one world acclaimed search engine has  joined other frontline International ICT compaanies seeking to expand local activities and influence in mainstream Africa in what could be termed as the new rush for control of  Africa’s hi-tech market world.

There have  been reports of  international ICT firms getting set for a major market scramble  for more extensive  local business engagements and control and the urge to position themselves for a major influence on a wider African market.

“A lot can be done by Google Incorporation to have a better grab of African influence with much edge over other competitors as a big internet market force, said Adeyemi Adisa,  a consultant in internet Management and Web design  activities. The Chief Executive of  Rabia Design said he was optimistic that Google would capture more of Africa’s internet market within a short period of time.

United Kingdom based Mr Adisa made reference to the enormous availability of sun-driven heat in African and said the available resources in terms of human and sun resources would make solar project in Africa a huge success.

Google Inc has been linked to a $280 solar project sponsorship in a push with  SolarCity in the United States’.

The incorporation will provide residential solar power systems in a project that will install roof solar panels for thousands of homeowners.

The project has been described as  Google’s largest single clean energy investment that will help people who don’t wish to dole out a large amount for a solar energy system.

“This also brings Google’s clean technology investment to a total of $680 million. The project will also help SolarCity’s solar lease program where customers pay monthly solar panel fees instead of paying a large installation price”, reports Bussiness Daily. Customers are also able to save massively on electric bills.

Google Solar Panels SolarCity

According to SolarCity Chief Executive Lyndon Rive, compared with money saved in a bank, Google will gain better results through the project as it will own the systems.

He is hoping that with their deal with Google, other companies will realize the good in financing solar energy systems.

He said it’s been mainly banks that have focused on this, and what that has done is it hasn’t broadened the market. With Google’s involvement, hopefully it will show other corporate companies that this is a smart investment.

In 2007, Google has already mentioned its intent in solar, wind and geothermal technologies by planning millions of dollar investments. It aims to make renewable cost competitive with coal.

SolarCity recently acquired solar power project developer and distributor, groSolar. The privately held company has now expanded into ten states.