Halloween Burger King Whopper Wrecks Pains On Customers’ Bums

Halloween Black Whopper: Causing Anus pains and watery stool

Halloween Burger King Whopper Wrecks Pains On Customers’ Bums-A newly introduced menu from Burger King is bringing along a weird effect as the name attached bites hard in reality. Burger King’s Halloween Whopper, introduced to mark this years Halloween celebration is creating a huge impact and leaving a trace of negative trait. According to customers, the meal coming with its extra surprise through it’s frightening black buns are getting customers’ scared with a brand of stool. a surprise out of their own buns. Many customers have complained about black liquid poo, which is incredibly painful after eating the devilish sandwich.

Halowwe Burger: Weird World of strange happeningsHallowen Burger-Weird World of strange happenings

Customer Donald McRon spoke exclusively to The News Nerd saying, “You’d have to be crazy to eat that burger. When I tell you it was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt — even that is an understatement. It felt like I was shitting Coca Cola. You know when you have an upset stomach or you ate some really hot foods, and you get some stomach acid on your cornhole? Well it feels 10 times worse than that. I’ve never felt pain like this. It felt like giving birth out of my bum. I think BK played a horrible trick on people. They knew that sandwich wasn’t right. My ass is never going to be the same again.”

McRon is just one of the slew of people complaining about the painful side effect of the sandwich. We have received at least 50 stories from people all saying the same thing.