Happiness- What Guarantees A Woman’s Happiness

Funke-Akindele_hubbyWomen from Australia value their friends above everything else in their life, a new survey has revealed.A survey conducted by NewsLifeMedia, found that 84 per cent of women relied on their network of girlfriends for everything from advice and support to nurturing and fun, News.com.au reported.Natalie Mactier, CEO of Kidspot said that women’s happiness arise from love, security, support, togetherness with friends and family and her partner; and unhappiness come from money concerns, politics, personal misfortune, being time poor and negative relationships.

She said that amid the pressures of the daily grind friends are incredibly important to women as they provide sanity over the chaos.

Mactier added that for most women, their pals helped them navigate problems and remain constant when they are going through the craziness of daily life.

The survey of 6,253 women also found that food played a big part in happiness with 76 per cent saying that food gave them great satisfaction, be it from cooking or eating.

Weight, however, is still the modern woman’s nemesis, with 72 per cent finding maintaining and achieving their ideal body weight stressful.

Source: TNN