Hard drug: Nigerian condemned to death in Vietnam… wife bags life sentence


Michael Nkanna1A NIGERIAN has been sentenced to death in Vietnam for transporting heroin, while his Vietnamese wife was jailed for life, a court official said on Wednesday.

Michael Ikenna Nduanya, 34, and his common-law spouse Nguyen Thi Hai Anh, 27, were convicted on Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City by an Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court.
He was sentenced on March 22 for illegal transportation of hard drugs.

Sources said the couple were arrested in December 2009, but gave no further details.

The website of Tuoi Tre newspaper, citing the indictment, said Nduanya had asked his wife to collect about one kilogram of heroin from Cambodia. She was arrested at a Ho Chi Minh City bus depot after returning with the drugs, it said.

Michael NkannaThe report suggested the heroin originated in India and was ultimately destined for China.

Nduanya is the third person to be sentenced to death in Vietnam this year, according to state-controlled media reports tallied by AFP. There were 80 death sentences and four executions last year, according to the tally. Most death sentences in the communist country are issued for drug and murder cases.

Michael Ikenna Nduanya, 34, confessed that he had visited Vietnam in 2008 and had met Nguyen Thi Hai Anh, 27, from Dak Lak Province and they had since lived together as husband and wife.

Wanting to earn money quickly, the couple joined an illegal trade ring to transport drugs from India to China via Cambodia and Vietnam. They received US$1,000 for each drug delivery.

Since early 2009 to December 2009 they were able to transport nearly 990 grams of dope until Hai Anh was caught red-handed illegally carrying drugs at the Mien Dong coach station in HCMC.


  1. well it is really that what the couple did is against the law but with what i saw within the write up the couple did not suppose to be sentence to life rather death, with the total quantity recovered from them as my own observation they are not suppose to spend in jail more than 3years, because if the laboratory test is taken, the heroin may not be up to 1grms which is bailable then why sentencing the young man to death Vietnam

  2. I have gone through the story about Mr. Michael Nkenna Nduanya, well he committed an offense by dealing unlawful business but Vietnam government should tamper justice with mercy by not to sentence him to death, rather they can give him few years in prison or return him to Nigeria, his country of origin to treat the case as do here. Vietnam in Nigeria is committing offense but we do kill or hang them, rather we repatriate them back to their country. Vietnam should stop such thing, because their country people are out side as well, living with crime business.

  3. you guys are forking up 4 killing nigerians in your country, what happened? is it not drugs? why must dey sentevce the young man to death, instead why not jail him 4 reharb, they are foots infact nigerian goverment are the biggest fools, what do they expect from the young one’s in the dead country, were most of the youth are jobless.

  4. you guys are forking up 4 killing nigerians in your country, what happened? is it not drugs? why must they sentence him to death.our goverment are very stupid, for allowing them to sentence their citizens in foreign countries to death

  5. I felt sorry for the couple but come to think of it, the Nigerian guy shouldnt have been involved in this illegal trade in the first instance…There is the need to act according to the law of the place where one lives…if transporting illegal drugs in places like Vietnam is warrants death penalty…then why did the Nigerian man get himself involved in this kind of venture? What is illegal is illegal, doesnt really matter how small or big. My question is that why sentencing the guy to death while the other lady involved is spared of death? According to this resport, it was even the lady that was caught, so does it mean that she doesnt deserve death sentence because she’s not a foreigner???

  6. What is the meaning of this Mr. & and people of Vietnam, why on earth you have to kill sentence to death a man to death over drugs? just because he is foreigner? why did you not give your own soil child to death also, after all they are both in the deal together, just for this quantity, he has to die? then what of if u see the man with over 10kg of this heroin, then will you immediately kill him there and there? this is not a good judgment at all. The drugs were not meant to be sold or deliver there but just passing by, they only got into it to survive, if you have to kill him remember that your own country men at big dealers and traffickers in this business of heroin too in other country. Should they also be killed? over this? let use our human mind and conscience here Mr. Judge. Pls note that if you execute this man for this reason then i urge the entire world to use same method to any Vietnam person caught with even a single gram of heroin too. Please President Joe GoodLuck, this Nigerian Must not die, they government of Vietnam must tender justice with mercy immediately. If he dies on this issue then i call on entire Nigerian to act on any Vietnam there in Nigeria immediately. Government of Vietnam be warned, do the needful immediately. we are all human and we should be treated fairly, United Nation i hope you see this news, if you stand for human right, then this is not different and if carried out, then you are partial in your judgment also. Thank you.

  7. The Vietnam government are all racist and almighty GOD will punish that country Vietnam, for sentencing an innocent man try to earn his living in that fucking low poverty country call Vietnam. there are many Vietnam citizens in my counrty nigeria i will make sure i rape and fuck the ladies and kill the like 10 men of Vietnam citizen in my country. AN EYE FOR EYE

  8. I admire the strong laws of the vietnam’s country, and its true that what the nigerian and his wife did was against the law.. and am not against the woman But in my view if the woman gets life sentence then why not for the nigerian man too! Why different verdicts? Am shocked! (Men made the law…and its only men that breaks them…)


  10. it was the woman they caught and they sentence her to jail and the nigerian guy was sentence to death if they are to sentence the wife to jail i believe both of them should go to jail or both of them to death have i spoken ur mind our pple?

  11. it’s a total bullshits,why all these injustice?…it’s a shame to Nigerian Govt,people are out there suffering in another man’s land,and you are sitting there doing nothing,only to be thinking how you will swallow money..well i don’t blame Vietnam for doing this,not their faults..but to be fair,it was the wife that was caught up not the man,so why do we have different justice here,they should serve same punishment,or cos she’s a citizen?…your decision is sucked,you are all bunches of evil,peace out!!

  12. This is injustice, they should not sentence the man to death, and sentence the woman life imprisonment, rather both of them should serve the same jail term. I blame the Nigeria Ambassador in that country for allowing this to happen. Something need to be down asap. This is bullshit. The judge that passed thie judgement should be stoned to death .

  13. This is so unlawful,please fellow Nigerian where the hell is our law makers ?why and how on earth should any country sentence some one to cold blooded murder in the name of death sentence,this is a case of unfair justice malfunction and the last time i checked its called racism to the highest order.

    Please we all have one or two members of our direct or extended family who are abroad and we should try to put ourselves in the shoes of ikenna”s parents.

    The Nigerian Government should be ashamed because we Nigerians do not have the power to sentence any foreigner who committed a crime in Nigeria.Please and please come to the rescue of this poor man let this not happen again for the second time.

  14. For this injustice ,Plz Oh Lord My God destroy Vietnam with Bomb explosion or Flood.. I think they suppose to be like Japanese.Bcuz sentencing the young man to death penalty and rescue their citizen is very bad.

  15. Oh my god, this is very ridiculous, how could this kind of thing be done? why should the person who was been caught redhanded with drugs be in jail while the Nigeria man go and die for her instead of the woman? this is injustice and i pray that god will answer the vietiam government for what they has done… but i really think that the so called Nigeria government is good and big for nothing because is not only Nigerians that are getting involved in drugs, or other unlawful or illegal business of any kind as every countries of the world and the so called white and red colour people are even the worst in crimes and illegal business all over the world but such people are not seen or been vissible to the world is only Nigerians that is the worst in everything let god arise and deliver his people because the racist and kind of discriminations is getting much and there should be a change or stop rather.. but for you the so call Vietnan remember that someday the blood of the innocent young man and many others that you people are wasteing shall arise and for justice and your Nations shall see it…..

  16. We need to pray for Divine intervention on behalf of Nigerians that are held in Vietnam for drugs, they are many.
    I lived in Vietnam from 2008-2010, I saw IK few months before he was arrested.
    Even some months earlier, about 6 Nigerians were arrested for drugs in a Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam. Early 2010 another Nigerian was also arrested.
    About 2 weeks after the World Cup 2010, one Nigerian, King Solo, died in detention, after about a year of awaiting trial in Hanoi Vietnam.
    IK is from Enugu State, his uncle is a Lecturer in UNN.
    Vietnam is a communist country and their laws are very harsh on issues of drug. I think that about 40 Nigerians are held there for drug related offences and once found guilty, the sentence is death by firing squad, but i hear that they want to start using lethal injections to kill now.
    On the issue of IK’s woman, it may have been argued in court that she was pushed into it. They believe that the man pushes the woman to do it for financial gains. More so, their courts are not the same as we have it, theirs courts are like tribunals..most times the presiding Judges are men from the force..
    We have to pray…the Government can also explore ways to negotiate repatriation of Nigerians in detention over there.
    Ka Chineke Mezie Okwu.

  17. this is wickednness in the highest other and i promise the vietinam gorverment one thing if they eventually kill this nigerian citizen and leave there own citizen then they should watch and see what will happen to there own citizens that is every where in nigeria enjoying there human right whit out any molestation 4rm any body i will personally make sure they will regreate there action through out there life time trust us nigerians if they dont know they should ask we are very peaceful people but as dengerous as a cobra fuck vietinam fuck the murder fucking gorge that pass this injustice united nation hope u guys are not blind in this injustice i don’t even know what that guy is looking 4 in that fucking pooverty streaken country called vietinam and i mean what i just said and is not a treath is a promise in this injutice melted out to this nigerian citizen i will die if i dont carry out my promise to them beway viatinam or what ever they call them selfs

  18. i am very very disappointed in our so call Nigerian government. look at them they are all waiting to ring the so call fucking up coming election. i don’t vote because i know that all our fucking leaders are all thief’s. if i may ask why is it that our leaders are so sluggish when it comes to foreign affair with Nigerians out side the country. from my view here in this story is obvious that the so called fucking hard drugs was not caught from our Nigeria brother. instead it was caught in the hand of the fucking so call Vietnam citizen. why not sentence the person that was caught in the sin of crime. than to sentence another person who was not caught red handed with the drugs. any way i don’t blame them is the way they see our Nigerian government. will they be bold enough to place this type of racist judgment to a us or Canadian citizen. or even the Iraq citizen. i belt you they will not there it. anyway i am pleading to the united nation and the Nigeria government to do something to this innocent Nigeria case. because i believe by the grace of Almighty God something can still be done.
    And i want to use this medium to Advice the so call Nigeria embassy in
    Vietnam to trail their possible best to visit all the prisons in Vietnam and see what they can do if is for them to be deporting our Nigerians in the prison back to our country before they will kill all our people living over there in Vietnam.
    God have mercy

  19. It is such a bulshit to the government of Vietnam.why such injustice,they pervert justice and spare their citizen.i think Goodluck Jonathan should do something very fast in order to save this guy life.

  20. well i this matter i have nothing much to say i the right part of his story the drug was gotten my his wife and not the yound man how did he get involve and why should he be the only one to be sentenced and the drug was gotten dirrectly by his wife

  21. GOODLUCK where are you…won’t you help to rescue our brothers and sisters that are wasting away in foreign lands??? What is the Nigerian ambassador in VIETNAM doing to help our brothers and sisters over there??? Oh well, I wouldnt even expect much from any Nigerian ambassador because over 90% of them don’t know their responsibilities… many of them can’t even recite our national anthem…so what do we expect from a system and political party that celebrates mediocrity??? May God help us!!!

  22. Good luck, i wish u the best of luck, everything happen for a reason And for a propose, we don’t know reason why this situation happen to you, & i Can not blame you.let just leave everything for almighty God ….is the only one that have the final stage,God will surely be with u bye ..

  23. this is really wickedness, were is our Nigerian Ambassador in Vietnam? are we going to sale the Blood of our Brother because of our Bad Government, I think if our Government is Good Ikenna will not travel to Vietnam or even involve him self with a heroin.

  24. Vietnam is never a friend of any foreigner no matter where you are from, they kill eat peoples brain just like that, sometimes i wonder why the so called CNN, BBC or CIA’s never try to spy and see the evil that is happening in Vietnam. Many are arrested they die in their jail and no one will hear it.Vietnam, Vietnam for any foreigner being u black or white be warned I have live there for 2 years and I thanked God I came out with my life, they even spare blacks more than the white people.I hate that country, I hate anyone from Vietnam.


  26. well am not surprised, These country vietnam is one of the worste poverty striken country on earth today and they ve got no love for human beings, because they are not humans they are cannibals!!! they eat humans. I Strongly suggest that the Nigerians back home should deal seriously with any vietnam , i mean let them deal with them seriously so that they can cry out for help from there Vietnam Government also so there Gov. can feel what Nigerians felt when they sentenced This poor soul….fuck fuck fuck , I swear i will deal with any vietnam man i find in my country, stupid ANIMAL CANIBBALS!!!

  27. Where there is no law, there cant be sin. Its a pity that this had to happen to the young Nigerian. Just like any other country, Vietnam has it laws on drugs and people pay the capital punishment. They both knew the consequences of there actions, they both knew what would happen if they are caught. They do same thing in Malaysia, Thailand and most Arab nations. They dont want drugs in there country, on some of there visa,it is written boldly that the penalty for trafficking drugs is death. So dont blame them. Just stop trafficking drugs to there place.

  28. Its a pity that this had to happen to the young Nigerian. Just like any other country, Vietnam has it laws on drugs and people pay the capital punishment.

    Let call a spade a spade. Instead of condemning the Vietnam people let blame our brothers who go to foreign land in quest of making quick money by involving them self i an illegal deal which will expose their life to death just as Ikenna case.

  29. my Good people of nigeria we are in trouble in Asia,Asia is no go area, Asian countries hate Nigerians so much.Vietnam is even better what of indonesia?where there are over 80 nigerians hefty guys in jail and over 20 in death sentence and about 15 life sentence,not talk of more than 40 guys they have been killed in recent years.last year they shot more than 8 people instantly,no court no nothing just kill as soon as they get you with drug.we have no embassy in Asia.in indonesia they carry one stupid awusa man come put here say na our chancellor and the man come see say na only igbo people dey here and na igbo people indonesians dey kill he no dey talk.

    please my people make una pray for our people that live in Asia.na war front we dey here.


  30. Vietnam Government are very wicked by passing such unlawful Judgment to Ikenna bc what the paper said was that his wife was caught with heroin,it means they all agreed before he took the step so why court should passed such judgment to him,why not to the lady?this is partiality ,may GOD save us from the hand of wicked Nigeria

  31. i blame Nigerian Government for there bad RULE,many Nigerian guys are languishing in foreign land due to there struggling for survive.go to Indonesia,Malaysia,singarpo,India,China,Vietnam etc you will see how our people are dieing for even some offenses they never committed,it is all about hatred to black colour,i could remember far back in Vietnam if you went to buy something in VIETNAMESE shop,they will say no wave hand to you as racist they are always be,i knew this quite a long time bc bible said by there foot we shall know them,our dear Solomon whom i knew too well was not into drugs died for it in the hands of those evil people,may the lord have mercy?pls our people in VIETNAM have to find there way before they are all kill by so called Vietnam law,those arrested with king are nowhere to be find today,Chima,ugo ebenaja,david so is not a new thing to us,but i believe soonest GOD will interven on our people behalf ,GOD SAVE NIGERIANS

  32. in addition to this Nigeria Gove, should help out young youth for job all Nigeria going out suffering for an a living check it out meeeeeeeem fucckkkkkkk. talk about fucking cont-net Asia no time Asia will live in peace, well God will help for really

  33. until god revive our nations things like this will not stop may god through the graven heart and cry of the people og nigeria and the world spare the life of this young man and many others in such critical conditions of life death amen

  34. @ Comrade Macdom Ojiako …i really admire your vast knowledge about the whole situation. you have spoken like a well traveled, expose and educated guy, not biased in ur judgment. Like i said earlier, where there is no law there cant be any sin. Vietnamese laws has been existing before the young Nigerian started his business and im sure he knows that already, He knew the consequences of his actions. Instead of blaming the Vietnamese, i think we should rethink about whats going on in Nigeria, and lets find a way to rebuild Nigeria so that we can all make Nigeria better place and stop making a selfish, life changing decision that will go along and affect our life and the lives of our loved ones despite know the consequences. Its a pity that happened to him and his wife, we spray the Vietnamese and Nigerian government can work something out.

  35. May God reward Vietnam Gov, by killing an innoccent Nigerian Guy in their poor land forgeting that their guys are find out there in Nigerian too.Vietnam Stop that before fucking War Nigerian vs Vietnam continue woldwide.This is my las warning u fucking poor village so call Vietnam Homosexualilties.Brothers fucking sisters and father fucking daughter and pregnant to stupid white Donkeys.
    Vietnam should go hell at all.May God Have mercy on us in this foreign land we find ourselves.

  36. Once you are out of Africa I believe doing normal job will earn you nothing less than five times your earnings at home. Why don’t we let go of greediness and selfishness attitude that’s only compounding problem for us, meanwhile there is no one to help out, Nigerian Government had more than they can handle for now. I think our people should be educated so that they don’t have to learn in a hard way, and will not be labeling the innocent ones as bad people, we are bond to obey the law of the countries we found ourselves as we cannot even change our own(Nigeria) law.