‘Health is Wealth’, an African community Health Development programme is launched


An International Charity organisation has launched a revolutionary project to provide immunisation to small and mid-sized populations  in both rural and urban communities  across Africa.

The  ‘Health is Wealth’ initiative is to be launched by the Charity Organisation, The Providers and among other things  is aimed  to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of babies and children with limited access to primary care in various African communities.

According to Mrs Nike Adeyemi, the chief co-ordinator  ‘The Providers’, childhood diseases such as polio, rubella, diphtheria and meningitis are common diseases that have proved to be major killers for several years across Africa and  lack of enough resources and less attention from authorities  have stalked major fights against those deceases.

“These killer  diseases are  preventable through immunisation but governments across Africa have laid back due to lack of commitment and enough financial resources”, said the Mrs Adeyemi.

“Our goal in launching the Community Health Development programme, through the ‘Health is Wealth’  initiative is to raise awareness of the several benefits to be gained through childhood immunisation, promote health  development and educate communities on best ways to stay healthy” she continued.

Meanwhile, many communities have been advised to embrace the laudable project by giving support and allow their subjects to embrace the scheme so that it will be given effective and rewarding attention.

She urged  communities to get involved by informing the locals and  create more awareness as well as making efforts to determine the most vulnerable areas of the operation to enable it achieve maximum attention when it  commences.

“Where we work will be determined by the community and social groupings which will include social groups such as clubs or local organised societies, churches and even family sets”.

“However, charity organisations and individual empowering groups have been urged to contribution to boost up the project.

However, communities willing to contribute to the exercise have been urged to forward their contribution to the head of the communities for onward contact with the scheme operators.

Mrs Adeyemi said: “We need to tell you that if you wish to donate  immunisation project products to your community, now is the time to do so because every donation would be accounted for in the community on behalf of all donors”, continuing: “We promise to deliver according to every donors request and we still want volunteers to help in various capacities”

“We will need to work with you in delivering your project to your chosen community”, she said.

*Meanwhile,A fund-raising event has been organised for 29th May 2011 at the Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf to raise money for an immunisation project on behalf of Adeyemi, Haastrup and Ogunmokun family (London) and we will be grateful if you can support this event.

The first will be carried out in Ikeji -Ile town of Ijesa land sponsored by Adeyemi, Haastrup and  Ogunmokun families.

If you would like to know more about The Providers International, our email address is as follows:  providersint@hotmail.co.uk