Helsinki is hot bed for Nigerian women prostitution, says report.


    Helsinki, the capital city and largest town in Finland has surfaced as a major prostiturion haven for  Nigerian women, young and old, carrying out sex for money trade.

     Nigerian women who find the city as a major safe centre and hotcake for prostitution exploit the low crime rate as most cities are not really under police heavy guard or patrol compared to many other European cities like Italy, Belgium and Germany.

    Report however  fingered one of the most popular hotels in the city where Nigerian women find comfort in carrying out their underworld trade without molestation.

    In an analysis of prostitution trade and investigation carried out by security agents about the sex
    trade, which appeared in an article in a Tampere-based newspaper, Nigerian women were single out because they flood a popular hotel because it is safe for them for operation. There is low security checks and a particular hotel they use which has many branches has no reception and security obstacles.

    Police are unwilling to comment on whether the selling of sex is more common in the downtown Helsinki’s three Omenahotelli establishments compared with other hotels in the area.

    As focuses are placed on the  Omenahotell chains due to heavy patronages of Nigerians prostitutes, security sources are showing diplomacy in not being prejudicial about Nigerians involvement in Helsinki prostitution business, saying many activities in the cities are normal.

    “Services have been sold for ever, even in hotel rooms”, says Chief Detective Superintendent Petri Rainiala of the vice unit of the Helsinki Police Department.
    On Wednesday, the Aamulehti daily in Tampere reported that several prostitutes had offered sexual services to reporters, who had posed as customers at the Omena Hotel in Tampere’s Hämeenkatu.

    In the Aamulehti article, the Pirkanmaa Police say that they suspect that prostitution at the Omenahotelli in question has to do with procurement directed from abroad.

     According to the police, most of the women involved are of Nigerian origin.
    In a procurement  case  under investigation  by the Helsinki police, the hotel chain was defended as not being in focus in the fraud.

    Police claimed there was no procurement investigation involved with the hotel except cases of sex trade involving Nigerian women, which they claimed exposed the hotel in public cases for investigation.

    “We have had several such cases under investigation this year but Omena hotels
    have not been involved”, Rainiala explains, apparently referring to the procurement investigation.

    The last time a hotel chain’s role came to the surface was in a nationwide pimping investigation that involved dozens of Nigerian prostitutes who worked in Finland in 2009.

    At that time it was established that Nigerian women preferred the Omena Hotel chain, because prostitution in its establishments was easy.

    The  hotels chains do not have any reception desk or security staff. Instead, the customers can let themselves in by using a door code.

    Inspector Jussi Huhtela from Helsinki’s Southern Police District reckons that a certain number of foreign
    prostitutes, especially Nigerians, take lodgings in the chain’s hotels due to
    lack of severe security montoring.

    Omena Hotels CEO Tarja Kivilahti says that cases like this turn up regularly.

    According to Kivilahti, security in the Omena hotel chains are changing as in recent times, cases of crime and prostitution are nevertheless dealt with immediately, and the chain is working in cooperation with the police to fight the sex trade.
    Kivilahti considers the surveillance at the Omena hotels to be even tighter than average, for the premises are fitted with security cameras and the customers’ movements can be monitored through the use of the door codes.

    “We plan to further tighten cooperation with the police and come up with ideas of what else we can do”, Kivilahti affirms.
    In Kivilahti’s opinion prostitution menace is one that is shared by the entire hotel and restaurant industry.

    in a recent report, more than 50,000 girls aged between nine to 17 years of age were said to  have been exported from Nigeria to Europe in recent years for the purpose of serving as prostitutes.

    It was also claimed in the reports that there are large numbers of Nigerian women regularly taken to other West and Central African countries, primarily Gabon, Cameroon, Ghana, Chad, Benin, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso and The Gambia for sexual exploitation under the guise of taking them to abroad for employment opportunities.

    Many of the girls are said to have lost their lives under mysterious circumstances resulting from  loose lifestyles as they are exposed to various dangers in the prostitution trade.

    The National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other related matters (NAPTIP)  disclosed this recentlythat at sixty percent of the prostitutes on the streets of Turin in  Italy and Antwerp in Belgium are Nigerian girls.

    Executive secretary of NAPTIP, Mrs. Beatrice Jedy-Agba who disclosed this on Wednesday during an interactive session with the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora also said the over 50,000 figures Europe bound girls were arrived at by a non government Agency in those countries where the ladies are serving the appetite of sex seeking people.