How Ugandan Toddler Abuser Was Brutally Beaten By Her Former Boss


KamasiJolly Tumuhiirwe, the Ugandan maid who brutalised an 18-year old in Uganda as she was secretly filmed beating the girl may be serving her four-year sentence in jail having been found guilty of assaulting the toddler, what many across the world may not have witnessed during the breaking out of the news of the harrowing treatment of the baby was the immediate reaction of the baby’s parent, especially her dad, Eric Kamanzi.

According to baby abuser, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, she had been driven to the callous attack of the 18-month-old because the child’s mother, Angella Mbabazi was constantly beaten her, an accusation Angella denied immediately.

With the video of the assault going viral on the social network, causing outrage and angry reactions as it was was posted online, many may have looked away at the excessive reaction of the baby’s parent which resulted in the 22 year old being wheel chair bound for several days.

A video which showed the reaction of the baby’s parents leaves much to be considered as the outcome of the parents reaction may be a subject of further legal tango, especially after the four year term may have been spent. In the video, Jolly Tumuhiirwe was seen being continually battered with heavy stick after her hair had been shaved by the baby’s father. She was helpless and almost lost her breath as she was brutally beaten beyond what anybody could have imagined as the news of the abused toddler broke out

Charges of torture had earlier been dropped after prosecutors claimed they could not be easily proven in court of law.

JollyTumuhiirwe was sentenced to four years in jail for committing the assault which occasioned actual bodily harm.

The abuse came to light when the child’s father, Eric Kamanzi, installed a camera in his home after noticing his daughter was bruised and limping.

A graphic footage, taken from a hidden camera in a corner of the living room, had revealed Tumuhiirwe dealing blows and hitting the child when she resists feeding and then violently throwing her to the floor, lashing her with a torch tail and standing on her tommy as if wanting to suffocate her to death and kicking her head into the house sofa. However, observers claimed though the punishment administered by the baby’s parents could have been well deserved, the scar of the reaction met the the maid following the bad treatment of the toddler may live with the maid forever as she was almost unconscious while seriously battered by the girl’s dad
Watch the video below: