Human ‘Twin Towers’ are God’s endowment and are ever infallible, says Detola Aduke Sweetest

DAS Birthday Cake

Stunning  Detola Aduke Sweetest (aka DAS) has a natural career built around her.

With her natural endowment, she could have been a real target for multi million pounds modelling career if she had grown up in the Western World or even if she had shown the ambition to pursue a lucrative career in modelling.

But the frontline Socialite is so proud of  her natural endowment- a gift she claimed has been a natural asset from God to many members of her family.

She has always been vocal about the naturalness of her endowment and minced no words in appreciating the fact that age and  child birth are no barriers to a solidly firm ‘Twin Tower’, to borrow her terminology. Phew!

She has an amazing feature, and a naturally glowing skin any model would have wished for. A real natural black beauty to be precise!

Destiny could have pitched DAS as the Kate Price (Jordan) of Nigeria,  making a living from her endowment, but for the simple fact that she is well disciplined  and her humble background as a well trained  Yoruba indoctrinated does not allow for such pursuit of fortune.

Nevertheless, the socialite and fashion icon has been able to impact on hundreds of young African ladies across the world through her counselling page on the Face book.

“It is a counselling arena for the matured mind and a real soother for the heart broken”, she said adding, many across the world has found solace on the page.

The  Queen of all corporate ‘Yarning boys and girls’ on the FB has been able to tell the world that  endowment are only from God and not for fortune making. But she holds the belief that if you have it why not be proud to flaunt it.

” I am completely fulfilled and very happy to impact on others as a social welfare graduate”, she said

She celebrated her birthday recently and as part of that treat. She told members of her Face book group ‘Make we yarn on issues’ that when the gift is from God, it always remains natural.


I am a living testimony of a firm, standing ‘Twin Towers’ and what many across the world spend thousands and pains to achieve, we are well endowed in the family”

Kate Price: Making millions with her ‘God’s gift’ Pix: Splash News

According to DAS, woman should hold their own after years of birth and should be able to remain firm and and still natural. It is indeed a time of challenges when your maintenance culture does the firm magic adding “child or no child, what God builds, no one can fall. “Women should search themselves and learn to be good home keepers ”

Wishing DAS a very Happy birthday and many more years of endowed good health, God guide and guard.

For the secret of a firm Twin Tower, write to DAS on this page. Your questions will be answered.

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Detola Aduke Sweetest
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