I am alive, hale and hearty, says Aladewura, reacting to her death rumour

Queen Aladewura
Queen Aladewura

Bisola Haastrup,(aka Queen  Aladewura), actress, social and gospel singer has told all her numerous fan across the world that contrary to speculations that she has passed away, she is not only hail and hearty, but she is alive and bubbly.

She was reacting to speculations milling around London that she is currently in a mortuary in Newham hospital where she passed away during the week.

EMNnews .com Management on Wednesday evening had got a call from one of the fans of the songbird, who claimed she heard the so called news in a shop in Dalston African store during a shopping trip and that she was calling to confirm if it was true.

On hearing the News, the crew left for Tottenham High Road base of the actress and musician and on arrival, neighbours claimed she just left the house to go to a nearby restaurant where she regularly featured for social events.

On getting to the restaurant, which is called ‘Cornerstone Restaurant’ on Tottenham High Road, She emerged from an inner office after an attendant called her that she was being looked for by some visitors.

Full of smiles but apparently worried, she beckoned a greeting, holding tight to her telephone hand sets.

She was so busy,  answering calls from her numerous fans wanting to know the truth about her health and the rumour that it took some time before attending to the reporters. She was continuously dispelling the speculation before finally taking time ignoring other calls to attend to the crew.

Hers first words:“You too have heard about my so called demise”, she questioned our reporter and his lady companion.

“Yes” our reporter answered.

“How did it happen that such a rumour has been milling around London”, questioned our reporter.

Aladewura: I went out earlier in the day and arriving back home, I slept to have a nap because I was so tired and worn out. Before I slept, I realised my phone had switched off due to low battery. I plugged the phone and slept off. It was around six o’clock. When I woke up, it was around Ten o’ clock  in the night and I went straight to my telephone to check if the battery had been well charged. It was then I saw an unusual occurrence.

EMNnews: What did you see?

Aladewura: There were 105 missed calls on the face of the phone and I was frightened, wondering if something had happened. I saw that few people left messages and in panic, I opted for the voicemail button. It was during the play-back of the messages a few people asked me to please call back if I got their messages and that a rumour had been milling round that I had passed away after an illness.

EMNnews: Then how did you react to that?

Aladewura:  I phone back some people who then explained to me in details that rumours had been going round that I was in Newham Hospital mortuary where my body had been deposited after giving up the ghost.

EMNnews: What is your reaction to that and whom do you think is behind this?

Aladewura:  I suspect no one and I don’t want to talk much because I am still very much in deep shock. How can people wish a fellow human being death. I am in deep shock, honestly.

EMNnews: Your last words, Madam?

Aladewura: Tell the world and all my well wishers that I am hale and hearty. I am a child of God and nothing of such will happen to me. Not before my time in Jesus name.

Psalm 72 says I shall not die but live to declare the work of God. Death is not my portion.

I wish all originators of the rumour mongering a very good luck.

To all my fans and many who wish me well, I wish them long live and many years of achievement.