” I am proud to be home in style”, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo: Happy to be home at last.

It is authentic!, Miss Olukemi Omololu Ajoke Olunloyo arrived Nigeria on Saturday vowing never to be deterred or distracted from her humanitarian activities despite her maltreatment by the Canadian Border Agency.

The Nigerian social and entertainment icon remains unbroken as  she immediately sprang into action laying future goals for herself. She wants to be a show promoter and want music to attain a different level with many multi nationals taking the stage to promote and impact honestly in the country.

Her deportation from Canada to Nigeria has been controversial with no specific reason given except the her refuge application was unsuccessful.

EMNnews.com had reported that she departed Canada for Nigeria late on Friday as indicated by her 25 year old son, Enitan Olunloyo( aka Eni).

Just as news emerged in Canada that she had been deported, the daughter of for governor Victor Omololu Olunloyo, a one-time Education Commissioner in Oyo State/Western region retreated into her hyper-activities and vowing to commence her work on positive campaigns against violence and gun crime which she said she would take to the entire worldin her own way.

In a post on her facebook page, Kemi thanked her father for providing her with a safe haven on arrival and portrayed the fact that she has never had it so good, missing nothing for now compared to the big world she is coming from, despite her short time arrival as things would get better for her by the day.

Kemi Olunloyo: Home sweet home!… Claims home crown is more fitting!

“Great butlers and maids, never have to do my laundry or cook my meals. I will just be volunteering around town and preparing my music career soon.

Kemi is getting prepared to launch all kinds of initiative especially setting her goals to reach out to the World on entertainment and campaign against crimes.

“I will just be volunteering around town and preparing my music career soon, launching all kinds of initiatives and a music label. HipHossip Records taking upcoming Nigerian artists international. I want Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner to all invest in us”.

She however has a strong message for big record companies across the world:”If you can’t invest on the Nigerian artists, please get your hands off Nigria”, she wrote, promising other initiatives which she had made with MTV.

Toronto Star, a popular Toronto based newspaper confirmed that she left Canada late on Friday evening.

However, Canada is still relishing her good works as a humanitarian campaigner in the country.

Police Constable Scott Mills, a Crime detective with whom Kemi worked for several years combating gun crime said he had no regrets working together with Kemi to wage war against crime in Toronto Canada.

“I’ve been criticized by the public and colleagues for associating with her,” said Const. Scott Mills of Crime Stoppers. “But the bottom line is we solved some crimes because of my association with her and we have received information in a timely way, where we got guns off the streets and saved lives.”

Mills said he received a Facebook message from her last week saying that she was being deported, and thanking him.

Olunloyo’s Toronto story started in 2007 when she arrived at Pearson International Airport from Nigeria, via the U.S., with her children. She filed an unsuccessful refugee claim and subsequent appeals, which also failed.

Kemi Olunloyo:) “I don’t do AC even while in Toronto. Great butlers and maids, never have to do my laundry or cook my meals”.

It’s not clear how much time she had spent in the United States; at least one of her three sons is an American citizen.

But soon after her arrival in Canada she thrust herself into the spotlight, claiming to speak for the families of victims of violence. She was the “voice” at news conferences for victims of gun violence such as Jarvis St. Remy and William “Junior” Appiah.

She wrote on blogs, calling for justice for murder victims. She gave sound bites to reporters.

She became a celebrity of sorts.

But in July 2009, Olunloyo’s story unravelled when the Star reported that she was wanted in the state of Georgia, where there were seven outstanding warrants for her arrest.

There were warrants for failing to appear in court on charges that included cruelty to children, simple battery, terroristic threats/intimidation of a juror or court officer, and obstruction of an officer. A fifth was for bail jumping.

Olunloyo then told the Star the cases were resolved, but clerks at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia said otherwise, one of the reasons her sojourn in that part of the world must have been terminated suddenly and undeservedly.

Addition: Toronto Star