I will pass for a powerful black woman, says Theodora Ibekwe



Fashion icon Theodora Ibekwe with Singer/Artist Lady K and Salone Style Publisher, Veronica Contey

Women Confidentials: Tell us a little about yourself

My name is  Theodora Ibekwe am a  model, actress, tv producer/presenter, founder  of Miss Elegant international and as well as a Magazine  columnist.

I have starred in a few Nollywood films here in the UK,  I have  also starred in a Tv drama on BenTV UK,
my educational  background, I attended Auchi  polytechnic and University of Lagos respectively.
In the last three years I have been given various awards. To include !Women in Enterprise Award” and many others.

Women Confidentials: You look like a very powerful black women What do you do for a living

Yeah I will accept it that  I am a powerful black woman …but my friends call me DIVA…
I am an a freelance artist  working on new projects everyday. My projects are usually Entertainment or Media oriented.

Women Confidentials: Tell us about your creative side as a stylish women and a beautiful style Icon,

Thanks for  qualifying me as a beautiful style icon and a stylish womanand yes I can say that I am a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, style and elegance, that is one of the reason why  I created  ”/Tv show”  and   event like ” Miss Elegant” I  have always been seen as an elegant lady since I was a child, I am Very good at  creating  new ideas in various aspects,  including  fashionI could imagine something now and put it into practise ……….so inother words I could just imagine a style and tell my designer and thats itit becomes a new style. Hopefully I will be coming out with my own label  in the near future .

Women Confidentials:What do you think about Western dressing/ Africa dressing

I love both western dressing and african dressing…dressing up for an occasion for me will depend on the type of occasion and dress code……..i usually go by dress code………
If its an african event i go with the african style and if its a western style event of course as the name implies i will go western…overall i am very proud of my African Attires…

Women Confidentials I have seen you on few red carpets please can you tell us about the events .
Yes I can be seen  on REd carpet events only if i have been invited, I do not attend events that I  have not received an invite and  I usually go to a place I  am celebratednot just for the fun

of it even though I really enjoy good red carpet events…….and also when my Beauty pageant winner is invited I go with her if not i go alone……Red carpet events are the events i enjoy most……..