Ibadan Human Abattoir: Only A Child’s Play… Watch Edo State Dungeon Where 200 Are Slaughtered Daily


Aja ale5 Ibadan Human Abattoir: Only A Child’s Play… Watch Edo State Dungeon Where 200 Are Slaughtered Daily  The news of an underground dungeon having been uncovered in Ibadan may be gaining ground with people yet to come to terms due to the nature of its existence, it is a known fact to many who have heard the experience that a worse human abattoir exists and  is yet to be uncovered in Edo state. About 200 victims, mainly innocent travelers  are diverted and driven to the dungeon by contracted drivers who swear to oath of secrecy and are paid on  arrival supplying the victims.

The World has been held aghast as Police in Oyo State on Saturday  uncovered an  underground dungeon where hundreds of people have been butchered to death in Soka Area of Ibadan, on the Ibadan- Lagos Expressway, apparently with their body parts used for voodoo preparation.

According to sources, the human abattoir was discovered following a lead from Okada passenger riders Union who traced a colleague to a spot where strange noises of  kidnapped victims were continually being heard, begging for water. The victims many of whom had been whisked to the dungeon for several days,weeks, months and years were suffering from dehydration and apparently left in agony as they were expecting  to be slaughtered for the reason of voodoo concoction preparation.

The Okada riders Union had been looking for a missing colleague who had earlier carried a passenger to the area. As he failed to return to base and after several hours of absence from location,   a search effort was mounted  which resulted in his cycle being found inside Ogunpa river close to the underground dungeon. As the search party intensified their curiosity for him to be found, further efforts  resulted in the location of an area where voices of  agonising victims of kidnapping were beibg heard. It was suspected the area must be full of crowded people. Crying feeble voices pleading for water rented the air. The strange wailing  however attracted the Okada search party which alerted a nearby police station, urging for further probe into the area by Police.

The hint prompted the Police to send  into the area a special force of anti crime police officers  unit.

During the operation which resulted in hundreds of people being rescued, many victims of the dungeon had been turned a shadow of themselves having been left without food and water for weeks and possibly months. A further search into the bush revealed that at least 20 decomposed  bodies were found dumped in various locations in the bush. by of the victims were missing.

Aja ale 2Human bones, skulls, shoes, personal belongings of different shapes were discovered. with many lucky to be living already having turned to walking skeletons.  Other items recovered included ATM cards, , body parts, keys, ammunition and other dangerous weapons which the captors had used to suppress their victims.

However, all the victims were evacuated by the police men for necessary treatment and investigations.

It was reported that the venue of the dastard act was an abandoned building that belong to Costain Construction Company awarded the  Ogunpa channelization project. The  slaughter house location was at the back of Macmillan Publishers factory along Lagos-Ibadan express-way.

However, sources had hinted that a worse case  of such dungeon has been operating inside Edo state for more than 40 years and remain undetected. The venue according to a lucky victim has many transport companies who supply them with their unlucky passengers many of whom they pick in early morning rush hour under the pretext of running intercity transport and only divert the victims to a clumsy underground dungeon in Edo State. Almost 200 people are reportedly slaughtered each day.

The recorded audio  below in Nigerian Yoruba  language reveals how the underworld men in Edo State carry out what could be described as the most unparalleled callous and degrading treatment human race ever witnessed as 200 are repotedly killed and  parts of their body  used for different voodoo preparations. It is beyond belief…

About 200 innocent victims, mostly travelers are diverted to a bush area in Edo State and slaughtered everyday
About 200 innocent victims, mostly travelers are diverted to a bush area in Edo State and slaughtered everyday, according to an escapee from the dungeon speaking during a radios programme. It is revealing!!!

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