Impotence-Undergraduate, 32, Commits Suicide


impotenceImpotence-Undergraduate, 32, Commits Suicide-A 32-year-old undergraduate has reportedly committed suicide in Igbiegwa Quarters, Ute-Erumu, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State over  his inactive manhood.

Emeke to the decision  jumping into a deep dug water well in his family compound, after several efforts to make love to his girlfriend had yielded no positive result due to inactivity as his manhood keeps failing him at every effort.

He was an undergraduate of the Delta State University.

It was gathered that the deceased had visited several churches, where he was asked to embark on 31 days fasting and prayers to restore his manhood into a better state of activity  but all to no avail.

Emeke’s girl had severally complained about his inability to make love, but he had promised to make it up to her each his efforts failed.

Impotence-Erectile-DysfunctionIn an attempt to try out the outcome of the fasting which he embarked on, Emeke and his girl friend  both checked into a guest house at nightfall on Monday. But every effort they both made for his manhood to wake up to sexual action still was futile.  His manhood kept dropping making him very frustrated and disappointed.

A family source, who gave his name as Emilia said on that fateful Monday, after the incident at the guest house, Emeku’s, as he’s fondly called sold his clothes and shoes after which he left a suicide note on his bed.

Emilia described the circumstances surrounding the act as rather mysterious.

The deceased was said to have been buried after his family paid the finefine fixed by elders of the community, who described Emeke’s action as an abomination.