Improved weather condition increases Ayinde Barrister's home arrival prospects


There is hope that the body of Fuji King Alhaji Ayinde Barrister will leave London before the end of the week as weather condition has now improved in Britain.

The effect of about four days of heavy snow fall has impeded the home transfer of the body of the ace Fuji music star who departed on  Thursday December 16 and has been kept in Funeral Directors’ care ever since his release last Monday.

Air transportation since last Friday in all European Airport s have grounded for due to a hundred year record heavy snowfall impeding flights to anywhere from Europe.

The music colossus body was released on Monday following the completion of   of the coroner and post mortem clearance and issuance of death certificate and other documentations for the release of the body.

Source said if the weather condition stays as it is on Wednesday, all sfforts would be made to secure a flight to Lagos.

“He will touch on Nigerian soil by this weekend if the weather stays as it is” the source hinted, suggesting there might be chattered flight to accomplish the home arrival targets.

As anxiety continues to build up in Nigeria for the non arrival of the body of the deceased Fuji music creator, a family member has called on all concerned to exercise patience.

Mujidat Oluwafunmilayo Rasheed-Agbaje, a cousin to the departed appealed to family members back home to exercise patience as the arrival of the body has been caused by appalling weather conditions currently plaguing Britain and the entire European countries.

In a response to updates about the movement of the corpse which was laid in State on Tuesday at Peckham Mosque, Alhaja Mujidat responded: “The latest update is that due to a very bad weather which London and the whole of Europe have been experiencing for the last four days and  which still persists  there will be further delays in getting Alhaji Agba’s body to Lagos, Nigeria.

“People need to be patient until the weather gets better Insha Allah. May his soul rest in peace”.

She has called on all elders of the family to keep informing members of the public on the delay  which she claimed has broken the heart of everybody across the world.

The American based educationalist said there had been indications that the weather condition would improve before the weekend.

Meanwhile,thousands of sympathisers on Tuesday besieged Peckham Mosque in South East London to have a glimpse of the body of departed King of Fuji Music, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Balogun to pay their last respect.

Top Islamic leaders family members and fans across the city  gathered as early as  9am preparing for the lying in state of the departed music icon.

They had  braved the harsh cold weather and slippery black ice danger  to pay their last respect as they filed round to pay their last respect.

It was a very emotional scene as many could not hold back their tears.

Among those that came to pay their last respect were holiday makers who had got hold of the information of his lying in state.

How ever in Lagos, it has taken the efforts of Lagos State government to bring console to thousand of fans currently besieging the Lagos residence of departed Fuji King.

Sources said the body is impatiently being awaited in Nigeria as thousand besiege the official residence of the music genius since his announced departure.

According to reports, there seems to be lack of enough information regarding the actual events as they unfold here in London.

There had been angry scenes and display of emotions that the body had not arrived with many anger being vented as preparations had been made for the burial.

Sympathisers at Fuji Chambers, Barrister’s official residence in Isolo Lagos.

It was claimed from reports in Nigeria that the music wizard’s body was expected last Saturday  while the non arrival had put more hope for Monday  December. As we put together this reports, anxieties are building more as the surging crowds are said to be frustrated about the non arrival of the body.

The Lamina Lawal, Isolo, Lagos home of the Fuji Garbage hit maker has reportedly  turned into a Mecca of sorts with dignitaries, music stars and close associates eager to know the latest about Ayinde’s last home coming.

According to a reporter who visited Isolo Fuji Chambers of the  departed musician,  the Lagos State government has made provisions for caterers to serve food to all the mourners present at the house daily in order to console for the late arrival as no specific date has been given yet.

As we put together this report, Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s body has just left Peckham mosque where it was laid in state for public view in South East London.

Among the rumours milling round was the actual last resting place as it could not be instantly ascertained whether he would be buried in Lagos. No official word yet from the family, but sources say Barrister will be buried in his Lagos home, even though key family members are insisting that he be buried in his home town in Ibadan.

Additional info: Dimeji Ogedengbe, NET.