INEC Clears Air On Jega Exit As It Announces Election Readiness


Jega INEC Clears Air On Jega Exit As It Announces Election Readiness-Any decision to remove  the Chairman of National Electoral Commission Dr Attahiry Jega from his office or even any top member of the body is the isolated prerogative of the National Assembly and not that of any other governmental body or group, the National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said.

The Commission cleared the air on the current speculation of removal or otherwise of the current Chairman, Professor Attahiru  Jega who had been widely speculated as awaiting removal from his position by many opposition members, alleging the Presidency might be using his removal to manipulate the election.

Speaking during a Press briefing on Wednesday, INEC Commissioner, Chris Iyimoga  said that the wild speculation that INEC Chairman Professor Attahiru Jega would be removed before the rescheduled dates of the election  should not be taken seriously.

According to him,: “It is an endorsement from the National Assembly  as the Commission is not in the position to say when or how the Chairman will be removed from the office.”

He told Nigerians to hold their breath as no one else was constitutionally authenticated to carry out such illegal removal but the Nigerian political arms.

The INEC Commissioner was speaking in Abuja on Wednesday morning while briefing the Media.

The Commissioner  assured Nigerians that it was committed to the cause of delivering an impeccable service to Nigerians in the coming election, maintaining that irrespective of politically motivated speculations about the body, it remained focused to the service of conducting free and fair election, come March 28, this year.

According to the Commission, it is essential for the benefit of the nation that the Commission to adhere to its culture of best practice in the conduct of the nation’s general election adding that this is a stance that the Commission would never compromise.

INEC Commissioner, Chris Iyimoga speaking in Abuja on Wednesday morning while briefing the Media said that  the Commission’s general  election postponement so far, has allowed a successful 80% distribution and collection of digital enabled permanent voters card (PVC) across the nation

Chris Iyimoga claimed that the same level of success had been achieved in the national distribution of ballot papers and boxes which wold be used in the election, claiming that at least the postponement had allowed for the collection of 55, 232,875 permanent Voters Card had been collected, putting the percentage success of the distribution at 80%.

He claimed that since the election postponement had been announced, the Commission had taken the advantage of time to distribute election  materials and prepare fully for the coming polls.

He claimed that local support by different NGO  groups and other governmental bodied has made practical results in the election preparation to be achieved through collaboration emphasizing the support of the National Council of Arts has helped a great deal in the dissemination of important messages to the grass roots and many other segments of the society.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner is to meet with all the States Resudent Electofral Commissioners(RECs) and political parties next week for updates and briefs on the current state of the preparation.

Good DecisonAll current accredited observers in the coming election would also be holding an important meeting on March 19 to discuss the best way forward to carry all along for the best practice in the 2015 election.

The Commissioner spoke further that as the election approaches, the commission has conducted  rigorous testing of card readers to reconfirm its functionality and effectiveness before the D-day holding that there was no doubting the coming success of the e-systems

He added that the field testing of of card readers will be done in different geographical zones ahead of 2015 polls.