Inland Revenue fraud: Nigerian jailed for Eight years and six months


A Nigerian has been jailed for eight and a half years for impersonation and defrauding th inland revenue to the tune of about £I.4million.

The amount was obtained fraudulently through false claims from Tax Credit

Olaide Taiwo was jailed for deliberately carrying out bogus claims from British Inland Revenue.

An Inner London High Court hear about how the Nigerian immigrant who came to United Kingdom in in 2003 stole the identities of about 350 people using their documents to make false claims amounting to £1.3million in tax credits.

Olaide, 35, from Camberwell, South East London worked on the identities of the victims, using their details to make false claims and the process enriched him to the amount.

Many of Olaide’s atrocities were committed while he worked as a security guard under different companies.

Many of those companies are large national establishments.

He was jailed at Inner London crown court for eight-and-a-half years, the longest ever sentence for tax credit fraud.

The father-of-two came to the UK with his wife in 2003 and although his applications to stay failed, he was granted leave to remain in 2005.

From 2004 to 2008 he submitted more than 300 bogus tax credit forms, putting them all under false names.

When officers raided his flat they found fake passports and driving licences and £70,000 in cash as well as names, addresses and national insurance numbers of hundreds of employees of firms whose premises he guarded.

Police believe he was the ringleader of a gang most of whom have fled to Nigeria.Judge Simon Davis ordered that he should be deported upon the completion of his sentence terms.