Iran hard drug riddle as large amount of heroine is seized in Lagos ports.


A big riddle over the importation of a large stock of hard drug allegedly imported to Nigeria from Iran has  further strained relationship between the two countries  just as the Arab nation has cleared her name in the recent arms importation allegedly indirectly linked to the country.

At least 286 pounds of high-grade heroin was found hidden inside a shipment of Iranian auto parts to Lagos port.

“The goods originated from Iran and the last destination port of the vessel is Nigeria, so the question of the container being [in] transit is ruled out” the port’s area comptroller of customs, Austin Warikoru, told the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard, which appears to have broke the story on Friday.

This latest bust comes just a week after Nigeria reported Iran to the United Nations for allegedlysmuggling high-caliber weapons into Nigeria despite U.N. sanctions banning Iranian arms exports.

In October, 13 shipping containers originating in Iran and labeled as construction materials were found to contain rocket launchers, grenades, guns and ammunition. The same French shipping company, CMA-CGM, has been connected to both the shipments of weapons and smack.