Irish President appeals for calm after Nigerian teenager was killed in racial attack.

Toyosi Shittabay
Toyosi Shittabay

Two brothers have been charged in relation to the death of 15-year-old Toyosi Shittabey in West Dublin on Friday evening.
Paul Barry (aged 38) with an address in Pearse Street in Dublin 2   is charged with the manslaughter of  Toyosi on Good Friday, in an altercation in the West Dublin suburb of Tyrrellstown.

His brother and co-accused, 23-year-old Michael Barry, with an address in Ringsend in Dublin 4 is charged with possession under Section 11 of the Firearm and Offensive Weapons Act.

The two unemployed men declined to say anything at the Dublin District Court and spoke only through their lawyers.

Paul Barry is remanded in custody in Clover Hill prison until Tuesday while Michael Barry, who recently returned to the country from Canada, has been granted bail on the condition that he surrender his passport.

Toyosi Shittabey came from Lagos to Ireland 10 years ago and was said to be a promising footballer for Shelbourne under 15’s.

Police in the Republic of Ireland had called for calms after the teenager was stabbed  in a high profile murder that has engendered reactions from the nation’s Presidency

The Irish Police have appealed for calm in the area urging for peace to reign after the murder.

West Dublin suburb of Tyrellstown has remained tensed as community teenagers of African descent vowed to take revenge and the situation has drawn the attention of the nation’s President Mary McAleese appealing for peace and tranquillity in the area.

Fifteen year –old Toyosi Shittabey was stabbed to death in cold blood in what the Irish authority regarded as a rare racial murder.

The case has been very high profile because there is hardly racial tension in the area inhabited by multi cultural people.

Many Nigerians had reacted with anger  as Irish locals portray the killers as good people who are genuinely Irish blooded. The statement had angered Nigerian community who concluded that the society was encouraging such murders with such a statemet.

Friends of the teenager  have vowed a major revenge while police appeal for calms to enable them carry out their normal investigations.

Revenging teenagers smashed windows of a car while returning from a rally that was held in honour of the teenager.

Several youths were restrained for attacking a group of teenagers that they believed to be associated with the murder and a major tension is building up.

Police spokesperson Supt John Gilligan has asked people in the area to “take a deep breath, take a step back and let the gardai (police) do their job.”

The suburb is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country, and Gilligan said there has never been racial tension in the area but described the stabbing incident as “truly exceptional.”

Over 300 people attended a memorial at the sight of the stabbing of the Nigerian teenager who had bee allegedly subjected to racial abuse in the past as claimed by Irish national daily, Irish Times.

Irish Presidents McAleese
Irish Presidents McAleese

A message of condolence from President Mary McAleese was read out at the rally.

The Nigerian ambassador Dr. Kemafo Nonyerem Chikwe also attended the rally.

Local MP Joan Bruton said the incident was out of character for the community and she praised the “excellent relation” between Irish and non-Irish nationals that reside in the area.

Shocked local Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison said while this incident was rare, there was an undercurrent of racial tension:“Racism is something people have in their hearts.”

Bobby Huti is a friend of the victim and he told the Irish Times that the victim was subjected to “loads” of racist abuse in the past.

“This is were we live. He had been living here 11 years. We thought we were safe here. It is not like we went to some mad place where we weren’t supposed to go. It has gone too far,” said Huti.

Congo-born Patrick Kabangu said, “Racism is hiding everywhere. It is in the schools. Everywhere in Ireland is racist, it is just being hidden. This country is crazy.”

Blanchardstown community liaison police officer Sgt. Vincent Connolly appealed for witnesses to come forward with information.

“I just wish to say to the people, if they have anything to say to us, please call us. We cannot do it without you.”