James Ibori’s Corruption Case To Go For Retrial?

James Ibori: Victory for his solicitorn as Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) withdraws case
Metropolitan Police Headquarters, James Ibori's Corruption Case To Go For Retrial?
Metropolitan Police Headquarters, James Ibori’s Corruption Case To Go For Retrial?

James Ibori’s Corruption Case To Go For Retrial?-Gohil Bradresh the Solicitor representing James Onanefe Ibori has indicated his determination to appeal the former Governor of Delta state conviction on money laundering and corruption, alleging that his trial(Ibori’s) had been doctired by fate-fraught with bribery and corruption irregularities.
Just as he was let off by a Southwark Crown Court after a case of attempt to pervert the course of Justice was withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service, the 52-year old lawyer said the nervousness exhibited by CPS in withdrawing the case against has given impetus to the fact the Ibori’s conviction was morally questionable.
Responding to question after the case was against him was dismissed, he said: “We have not seen the end of this case, we will appeal the conviction and prove that the conviction was based on false evidence’.
According to him, the withdrawal of the case against him has opened an access to the prosecution’s files and sources of useful evidence which include the investigating officers’ Bank accounts and many of this issues have given them lots of worries as it would let out many hidden facts..
He said: ”They charged me to court and they withdrew because now their case against me was to give me open access to their files and sources of their evidence including their officers’ bank details which they can’t stand because it was falsely and corruptly obtained’.

As the case was mentioned at the Southwark Court on Thursday, Crown Prosecution leading Counsel Sasha Wass signalled his withdrawal of the case claiming CPS would no longer take the case further: ‘My lord we will like to withdraw the case against Gohil Bhadresh’.

Gohil Bhadresh, had appealed against his conviction in a case of alleged perversion of justice the course of justice when he claimed that investigating officers in James Ibori’s corruption case obtained financial back-hander to seek or obtain information.

It was claimed that during James Ibori’s trial, the British Crown Prosecution Service had lied to the Crown court through certain irregularity which penetrated the case evidences were fraudulently obtained against him( Gohil) in the James Ibori’s trial.
In the appeal, Gohil claimed that the Metropolitan Police investigating officers corruptly enriched themselves by obtaining financial back-hander in the case from private detectives in order to find grounds for incriminating his client.

Gohil Bradresh- James Ibori Corruption Case May Go For retrial
Solicitor Gohil Bradresh- James Ibori Corruption Case May Go For retrial

Fifty-two year old Mr Bhadesh following the claim was charged with producing, falsifying and distributing false allegations to incite against the CPS, and the Metropolitan Police officers involved in the case after alleging that officers were paid huge sums of money in form of corrupt back-hand payments by a firm of private detectives who were investigating allegations of corruption against his client, James Ibori.
Additionally, Bhadresh was charged with producing false information before a parliamentary committee investigating the claim while also organising a campaign to publish articles in the media to support his many claim under false pretext.
The Crown Prosecution Service summed up his case charging Bharedsh Gohil for attempting to pervert the course of public Justice and blackmailing the police following the allegation of false accusation.

He had appeared charged to a Westminster magistrate’s court in for lying against constituted authorities.
District Judge Ken Grant sent the case to be heard at Southwark crown court on last August.
In the case which came up on Thursday morning, Southwark Crown Court struck out the case against Gohil’s for lack of evidence after the CPS signaled its intention to withdraw the case from court.

However, on Thursday in a sudden turn of event, the Crown Prosecution Service hands-off over the case for fear of a boomerang. It discovers that certain anomaly might emerge during the hearing as many issues covered in secrecy during Ibori’s trial may come to the open.
The CPS has premonition that the case if continued at the Crown court might create a situation whereby certain secret documents might be required for assessment which may expose some hidden issues on Ibori;s case as the whole case could attract recommencing if jeopardised by emerging facts from the solicitors perversion hearing.
It is thought that the case against Gohil Bhardresh may give him access to classified information which the Crown Prosecution Service had kept secret and had not allowed anyone to access.
This include Police detective’s bank details and other relevant files already put away since Ibori’s imprisonment.
The Crown Prosecution Service at the resumed hearing of the case, announced their intention to withdrawal the case stressing the fact that it would no longer have the interest to pursue the case against Bhardesh Gohil
Sources close to Mr Bhadresh claimed if pursued, the hearing could have opened a floodgate of revelations that may create a new avenue for James Ibori’s case retrial, especially against the Crown Prosecution service.