Jonathan can contest PDP primary election, says High Court verdict as trio's attempt to stuck him crashes

President Goodluck Jonathan: Can contest PDP primary election

LONDON: 10/01/2011

The nation is granted victory as some PDP desperadoes are thrashed in a legal battle aimed at sectionalising out nation.

Three ambitious members of People’s Democratic Party are in distress as their challenge to President Jonathan’s right to contest the Presidential primaries for PDP in Thursday’s primary has hit the rock; the court has thrown out the suit on ground that the challenge had no weight.

The High Court in Abuja on Monday threw out the suit brought by trio; Ambassador Yahaya Kwande, Hon. Dubem Onyia and Alhaji Lawal Kaita .

They are all well known associates of former vice-president and consensus candidate of the Northern Political Leaders Forum (NPLF), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Also, the plaintiffs asked the court to restrain PDP and its National Chairman, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo, from presenting Jonathan as candidate for the said primaryelection.

The case had originally come up for hearing on January 4, 2011.

Observers had seen the court case a clandestine move and  orchestrated attempt by the members of the NPLF to scuttle Jonathan’s aspiration.

The group had threatened to pull out from PDP en masse if the case did not favour their desires.

They requested the court to stop INEC from accepting Jonathan as PDP’s presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential election.

President Jonathan and INEC are joined in the suit along with PDP and its National Chairman, Nwodo.

They are applying sections 13 and 15(a), (c) and (f) of the 3rd schedule of the 1999 Constitution and sections 86(1) and (2) and 67(9) and (10) of the Electoral Act, 2010, INEC is bound to compel PDP to comply with the provisions of article 7.2(c) of its 2009 constitution as amended. However, the trio are biting their nails as the court turned down their request.

The verdict:”The originating summons is hereby dismissed because it contains no clear course of action … The candidates can only approach the courts after the primaries,” Justice Ishaq Bello told the court in the capital Abuja.

The three PDP members challenged Jonathan’s right to contest on the grounds that his candidacy would break an agreement in the party that power should rotate between the mostly Muslim north and largely Christian south every two terms.

The decision to seek court redress had been seen as a self defeatist stance, given up the hope the primary would favour Atiku.

As the incumbent, Jonathan is considered front-runner in the presidential race but his bid is controversial because of PDP’s” zoning agreement”.

“With this judgement everything has ended. The course is now clear for President Jonathan to contest the PDP primaries,” Jonathan’s lawyer Alex Iziyon told reporters after the verdict

Analysts doubted the Abuja court would have been able to de-rail the primaries, because the country’s constitution — under which Jonathan has the right to contest — would have taken precedence.

But the legal challenge raises the prospect of prolonged court battles after the elections had taken place.

It is further envisaged that any court action in this regard favouring the plaintiffs would have sold Nigeria to the outside world as operation a tribal system rather than seeking for nationalistic leadership with no region or sectional; sentiment attached.

From London, a legal practitioner hailed the court action claiming it has nailed all act of sectionalism both party and governmental levels.


In his message to the nation recently through his facebook notes, President Jonathan had said:  “When you are a sectional leader you feel insulated from problems outside your region and can “laugh” at the downfall of others. Leaders build unity. I promise to always be a national leader. When any part of Nigeria mourns, I mourn, when they rejoice, I rejoice. I’ll laugh with you, not AT you.

I’ll be a shoulder to lean on”

Addition: Reuters

Why is Abubakar Atiku so desperate for power at all cost ?

Let me make it clear that I share the same tribe and faith with Alhaji Atiku Abubukar and we are also from the same state.

The height to which he has taken his desperation for the presidency of Nigerian is unheard of in the history of any nation. He is virtually at war with everybody from his home state Adamawa, his party the PDP, the INEC, the governors and even those of us ordinary Nigerians who are supposed to vote for him in the elections.

Every single day he is either accusing the leadership of the PDP or the governors or even the members of the National Assembly. The mistake Atiku made in my opinion was his cross carpeting from the AC (ACN) to the PDP.  As we can all see now it is being used against him in the papers, on the Television and on the Radio.

People must learn to think of the future before they take any decision. In his hey days in the AC, Atiku tagged the PDP as the party of fraudsters and undemocratic. He said that a vote for PDP then was a vote for lack of freedom and undemocratic people. Then one day in 2009, behold we saw Atiku Abubukar in Otta consulting the oracle of PDP Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. But what has changed in PDP to attract back Atiku?

A desperate bid hanging on sectionalism? Where if your nationalism?

Atiku Abubukar is an unprincipled politician who is simply desperate for power. It is predictable that if he loses the PDP nomination which he is going to lose any way he is going to cross carpet again to another party.

Why is he at war with everybody? Is it by force to be a politician? He is either accusing INEC today or he is accusing the PDP executive members. He is either accusing the police today or accusing the governors’ forum. The next day he will accuse the National Assembly members. Haba Alhaji Atiku, remember it is Allah that gives power to whom he wants. “Zafin nema baya kawo samuwa Alhaji.”

More so with all forms of corruption allegation against you in America, there is no way they will allow you to be the president of Nigeria. Your wife Jennifer Jamila and your friend Jefferson have tarnished your name in America.

Bero, just take heart and enjoy your remaining money. Those of that are young and are upcoming will learn a lesson from your life never to indulge in any corruption.

It is most surprising that you are at war with yourself and all Nigerians if what we read in the newspapers is anything to go by.

All these sycophants around you are after your money. Same set of people deceived General Babangida and now the general has been humiliated forever.

Seda-seda Bero, seita awari kadi.

Audu Garba Girei writes from Yola Adamawa State for “THE WILL”