June 12 Election: Babangida says “no apologies, no regrets but blame me and no one else”

IBB believes that the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections was "in the interest" of Nigerians
IBB believes that the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections was "in the interest" of Nigerians

Former military dictator Ibrahim Babangida, who ran the affairs of Nigeria for 8 years has contemptuously told Nigerians he had no regrets for annulling June 12 1993 election acclaimed across the world to be the freest  and fairest in Nigerian history.

He also said he offered no apology to anyone over the annulment, but would take responsibility as the leader of that government.

Babangida’s current posture during an interview with CNN is a complete daviation from his earlier remorseful and apologetic state as he told Nigerians about his intention to vie for presidency, come 2011. The current posture has been read by many analyst as having sold him out as crashed political candidate under PDP presidential candidacy ambition, and wanting to retain some policy credibility as a past ruler.

He however called upon Nigerians to crucify him for the annulment telling CNN reporting that after 17 years, June 12 should be put behind Nigerians.

Babangida  during an interview in London based Ben Television had told his interviewer that slain Nigerian front-line journalist who was assassinated by his government should be forgatten urging Nigerians to move on and forget about the past.

Answering questions from  CNN correspondent Christian Purefoy, IBB said Nigerians should blame and “kill” him for the June 12 annulment an indirect way of saying there was nothing else anybody can do about it.

However, IBB who recently declared his intention to fight for the number one  post in Nigeria in 2011 general election,was full of encomiums for the late dictator, General Sanni Abacha for being brave to lead Nigeria and ‘unite’ the country at a time when the country was about to break up, an admission by the former dictator that his action could have led to the nation’s break-up.

To the best of his knowledge, IBB believes that Gen. Sanni Abacha helped to ensure that Nigeria remains a country because the situation at the time required a brave leader as he himself left behind  a dangerous precedence and explosive legacy as he departed while Abacha got the baton from his explosive governmental legacy.

As the interview was in progress, Babangida exposed a rather self guilt posture revealing a deeply guilty and wry smile to cover his shame and an obvious admission of a crashed ambition towards 2011.

Babangida had  retreated during the week saying 2011 presidential ticket is no do or die affair for him.

As the interview progressed, he revealed what has been termed an  equivalence of  killing a man in his own interest. He  repeated his often mouthed deceit that he had had “information” that made him annul the election, known to be the freest and fairest in Nigeria’s history.

The down to earth CNN reporter, clearly not oblivious  of Babangida’s lies, reminded him that his self-serving excuses created more instability for Nigeria as the annulment produced General Sanni Abacha, one of Nigeria’s most corrupt and brutal dictators.

Watch the full interview on CNN here