Kaduna bomb was terror attack, says Red Cross.. as body shamed cylinder explosion police claim


The bomb blast that killed more than seven people in a spare parts selling area in Kaduna was genuinely the handiwork of terrorists, a report by Associated Press has onfirmed.

The Nigerian Red Cross said in his internal report made available to AP that the explosion did not emanate from  a gas accident but came through a bomb thrown by two men on a bike.

On Wednesday,  the Nigeria Police in Kaduna through its spokes person and the commissioner claimed that the explosion had resulted from a gas cylinder, dismissing eyewitness accounts which said two men riding a motorbike tossed a bomb into the area.

The Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ballah Magaji Nasarawa, roundly dismissed reports of the two motorbike riders.  “That is not true,” he said.

Kaduna state police spokesman Aminu Lawan told AP he was not aware of the Red Cross report, but maintained that the police’s anti-bomb squad had concluded that the blast was accidental.

He said the squad found acid batteries, a gas cylinder and other “active” materials stored in the small shop where the fire started.

Analysits have claimed that the Police intentionally could be playing on the recent breakthrough about bringing the activities of Boko Haram into its end , playiung down its activities to avoid ego boosting for the deadly sect.