Kidnapping: Nigerian Police Give Warnings As Edo State Human Abbattoir remains undiscovered


With cases of kidnapping of many people for ritual purposes getting more rampart and reports of many untraceable individuals featuring in the news and dominating security and safety discussions around the country, the Nigerian Police Force has warned members of the public against moving carelessly in some dangerous locations in some parts of the country.

The warning is even more important as it has emerged that many public transport business men are being paid huge sums to deposit passengers in an underground dungeon in Edo State after the passengers are hypnotised or drugged just on entry into the vehicle. This is especially common with those embarking on early morning travel to beat the rush hour traffic bottleneck. Inter city passengers are said to have fallen victims of such clandestine kidnappings.

Edo State underground dungeon is said to have existed for decades and unsuspicious passengers are allegedly dumped in the dungeon through a bush route by drivers purportedly taking them on intercity travels.
The location of the human slaughter dungeon is yet to be identified because those that engage in the nefarious sell out of fellow humans are said to be operating under sworn rituals to keep the deal secret.

It is alleged that the haven consumes at least 200 people every day and many powerful individuals are said to be paying regular visits to the underground human abattoir in search of various powers to shield themselves from dangers and to get wealth from voodoo powers made from humans.

Details of the activities of the underground dungeon operators came to light not too long ago when a lucky man escaped through the help of one of the contracted drivers.
Many unsuspected students, civil servants, business people and families are said to have fallen prey and whoever gets into the haven never sees the light of the day, used for several purposes of voodoo concoctions.

Many of the victims only rose up early in the morning to meet the kidnappers posing as passengers while the conductors and the drivers chant their destinations. The unsuspected victims are driven hundreds of miles into a bush in Edo State after they had been hypnotised and drugged.
Many family members who had been lost are said to be victims of the underground dungeon which is yet to be discovered by Nigeria.

The underposted video tells the story more graphically in an Ibadan based Yoruba Radio Programme, Oselenkejo , hosted by Kola Olotu.
The Nigeria Police Force is making concerted efforts to prevent people from being kidnapped for such ritual destinations for voodoo sacrifices have given its stern warning that people should watch their movements around certain areas across the country where such pick-ups by predators are commonplace . The kidnappers’ source of passengers’ supply of passengers are said to be spread across the country.

Police, however claiming it has spotted areas of prospective dangers of the calculative kidnapping warned that many identified locations are hot-spot for kidnappers’ pick up.

In the statement posted on the Police website last weekend, the police identified spots where human hunters prowled on their victims for ritual purposes spreading from Ogun state to Kaduna Onitsha and Port Harcourt.

Identified areas in Ogun State in the South-West included Ota, Lambe and Mowe.

There are locations also identified in Lagos State, which included Ikorodu, the bridge linking Abiola Gardens with Otedola Estate, Isheri Olowo-Ira under bridge, and Toyota bus stop on Apapa/Oshodi Expressway.

Other places identified by the police as ritual killers’ haven are: Waterfront of River Niger in Onitsha, Anambra State and Isiala-Ngwa, Abia State both in the southeast region of Nigeria as well as Igwurita, Rumuokoro in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in south south Nigeria.

Other hot-spots were also identified in the north-central zone include Ilorin/Oro road in Kwara State and Lokoja-Abuja Expressway in Kogi State.

The danger ritual kidnapping zones in Kaduna State are: Kaduna Eastern By-Pass, the bank of River Kaduna, Kaduna/Abuja Expressway, Abuja Motor Park in Kaduna, Kano Motor road in Kaduna and the Railway tracks also in Kaduna. The list is not exhaustive, though these are areas with high incidence of ritual pick-ups and killings.

The Police are also warning that drivers should make sure that they drive at the middle of express road at all times and that if for any reasons they are waved down for any incident, they should not listen or oblige to such gestures
For instance, many may alert drivers of sparks or that there is fire or smoke coming out from the car bonnet, please do not listen just drive on. Police claimed it is part of many kidnappers new tactics.

This video will leave many Yoruba listeners gobsmacked with shock as a man relays his experience in the underground dungeon.

The kidnapping hot-spots across the country as listed by the police.

1. Ota, Ogun State 2. Lambe, Ogun State 3. Ikorodu,Lagos State 4. Mowe, Ogun State 5. The Bridge linking Abiola Garden with Otedola Estate, Lagos. 6. Isheri Olowo-Ira under Bridge, Lagos 7. Toyota Bus Stop on Apapa/Oshodi Expressway, Lagos (Clifford Oji’s former location) 8. Waterfront River Niger area Of Onitsha, Anambra State 9. Isiala-Ngwa, Abia state 10, Igwurita, Muruokoro, Port Harcourt, Rivers state 11. Ilorin-Oro Road, Kwara state 12. Lokoja-Abuja Expressway, Kogi state 13. Kaduna Eastern By-Pass, Kaduna state 14. The Bank of River Kaduna, Kaduna state 15. Kaduna/Abuja Expressway, Kaduna state 16. Abuja Motor Park,Kaduna 17. Kawo Motor Park, Kaduna 18. The Railway tracks, Kaduna 19These are police emergency numbers in Lagos, please:
The Police however supplies some emergency numbers to contact in the event of of any suspicion
POLICE CONTROL ROOM 1 – 07055350249 and 07035068242.
RRS CONTROL ROOM 2, Alausa – 08065154338 and 07055462708
CONTROL ROOM 3 SHQ; – 08079279349 and 08063299264 and 767 toll free line.