Kwara Senate Leader Eid Day Attack: Miscreants Carried Out Protest, Says Police


Nigeria policeKwara Senate Leader Eid Day Attack: Miscreants Carried Out Protest, Says Police-At least eight people have been arrested by the Kwara state police command  following the wild protest that was carried out by aggrieved youths while the president of the senate, Bukola Saraki and other top state dignitaries turned-up for prayer on this year’s Eid day in Ilorin, Kwara sate capital.

The Senate President was abruptly whisked from the prayer venue before the end the praying session in order to avoid his being physically attacked.

On Thursday afternoon reacting to the incident which saw the indiscriminate stone throwing and pebbled pelted, Kwara State Police command claimed those who were involved in the incident were mere miscreants and there was no any public servant and state workers among them. It claimed to have arrested eight people in connection with the incident.

Kwara state Police Command spokesperson, Ajayi Okasanmi, said the arrests would further intensify investigation into the incidentHe was speaking to reporters in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

The police spokesperson, the report said described those arrested as miscreants, saying there was no record of any civil servant or government official among them.

Mr. Okasanmi said,  “The state police command deployed no fewer than 2000 policemen in synergy with other security agencies to make sure that the eid- el – Kabir celebration is a huge success. It was free in the course of prayers and there was the insurgence of criminals which we put into consideration while planning our security strategy. We know they normally come to beg for money from well-to-do members of the public.

Abubakar Bukola Saraki was attacked during the protest
Abubakar Bukola Saraki was attacked during the protest

“So they came as usual, but we noticed they were becoming unruly and we have to come out to prevent them from where the VIPs were seated. We then chased them away and we arrested about eight of them. They are in our custody and we have started investigation.

“We learnt that one or two persons were injured; but there has not been any official reports as to if any was injured in the course of arresting. The motive of their unruly behavior is yet to be determined. As far as we are concerned the people arrested are miscreants.

“From the stories we are hearing one or two vehicles have been damaged but we have not seen the vehicles. We also heard that one person was injured but we have not seen the person.

“The prayers went as planned and the dignitaries that came back to their various destinations without any hitch. Among the people arrested there was no record of civil or government functionary; the eight arrested are miscreants.”

Meanwhile, the Kwara state Governemnt  has  reacted to the claim that the incident took place  because  of non-payment of salaries to the state workers prior to this years Eid celebration.

The the government claimed had nothing to do with salaries of civil servants in the State.

“The Kwara State government said the incident at the praying ground has nothing to do with salaries of civil servants, saying all workers in the state were paid before the sallah celebrations.

A spokesperson for the state governor, Muyideen Akorede, said majority of state and local government workers, including primary school teachers, have received their salaries.In a statement, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Communications, Mr. Akorede, the state government said those that were yet to will receive their salaries by on Monday as Thursday and Friday are public holidays.

Continuing, the state government said “there was therefore no reason for anyone or group to spread negative rumours or incite trouble on any account as Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed approved the payment of state and local government workers last Tuesday in anticipation of monthly allocation to the state and federal government salary bailout for local government councils”.

The statement urged the people to mark the Eid El Kabir holidays peacefully and with prayers for the quick resolution of the challenges facing the national economy.

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