Lamido “Dan Majen Kano.” Sanusi was all regal as he showed-off in office in turban regalia


Sanusi Lamido Sanusi”][/caption]
Contrary general perceptions that the Governor of Central Bank, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi turned personal and threw to the dogs by appearing in his new Chieftaincy regalia in office during the week, he was only putting on show for his numerous office fans who had clamoured for his new look.
It was claimed that Sanusi was on short break from office and when words went round that he was in Abuja briefly after his turbaning coronation, his office workers said they wanted his appearance with his new regalia in the office.

According to the the Central Bank of Nigeria, on learning that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was in Abuja on Wednesday, the staff begged him to show up in his CBN office in the traditional attire of “Dan Majen Kano.”

In a terse statement signed by its chief image maker, Ugo Okoroafor, the CBN added that Mr. Sanusi was also on a short break.

“For the avoidance of doubt we want to use this medium to state that the CBN Governor was on a short break, and was not on duty on the said day,” the statement asserted.

“Malam Sanusi flew into Abuja after the ceremony and when staff got wind of his presence they persuaded him to pass through the office so that they could see the new Dan Majen.”

Mr. Sanusi’s appearance in his office wearing the full regalia of his traditional title has sparked widespread condemnation by Nigerians from many quarters. “It was as if Sanusi was proclaiming to the world that he now sees his job as part and parcel of a feudal agenda,” said an Abuja-based lawyer.

Sanusi Lamido doing a fashion parade in a Cenjtral Bank Hall in Abuja

The CBN governor has drawn criticism for the show act as Nigerians across the World claimed they wouldn.t want a nation so psychologically whizkidded to Sharia mentality as the regalia portrayed a different image of religious feudalism to many segments of the Nigerian society.

Several staff of the CBN’s headquarters in Abuja was said to have  ridiculed the bank’s official claim that staff members had pleaded with Mr. Sanusi to show up in his traditional outfit. “When did we express the so-called wish to see Malam in his regalia? And who expressed the so-called wish?” asked a senior staff of the CBN. She added, “I never expressed any such wish nor do I know anybody else who did.”