Legend Elizabeth Taylor goes home in grand style, as burial ceremony last only one hour


Flower: Dame Elizabeth at peace as Legend goes home in grandstyle

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has been buried in a unique way she has envisaged, rekindling the memory of her past predictions and burial dreams, having given a clue as to how she wanted to be buried on her last day.

She was given a low profile burials after a private funeral service attended by family and close friends in the Los Angeles area on Thursday, just a day after she died of congestive heart failure.

Ever bubbly Dame Elizabeth
The Oscar-winning actress, 79, was laid to rest at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, outside Los Angeles — the same place where her close friend, singer Michael Jackson, was buried in 2009. She told close friends just as Michael was buried almost  two years ago that she wanted her final resting place  to be alongside Michael at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn cemetery.

A source had told told America’s National Enquirer magazine, “After sitting through Michael’s funeral service at the Great Mausoleum, with its magnificent stained-glass windows and replicas of Michelangelo’s artworks, she later told friends, ‘I felt a sense of peace there that I’ve never experienced before.’ ”

Now with Micaehl .... living to part no more
Elizabeth was said to have confided in friends and desperately was searching for a plot next to Michael then.

Taylor’s burial service was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m., but started 15 minutes later than planned at the actress’ request.

Her spokeswoman said in a statement Taylor wanted the service to include the announcement: “She even wanted to be late to her own funeral.”

The coffin for Taylor was draped by a blanket of gardenias, violets and lily of the valley, and the actress who was known for her violet eyes was interred at Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum beneath a marble angel.

TMZ entertainment Magazine reports that Rabbi Jerry Cutler presided over the traditional Jewish ceremony.

The burial convoy
The service lasted about one hour and included a reading of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo” by actor Colin Farrell, described as a “close friend” of Taylor.

Other poems were read by Taylor’s son, Michael Wilding, grandson and daughter Liza Burton Tivey. Her grandson, Rhys Tivey performed “Amazing Grace” on a trumpet.

Taylor, who married eight times, (twice to actor Richard Burton), is survived by four children, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Her representatives previously had said that a public memorial would be announced at a later date.

Forest Lawn is also the burial place of many Hollywood celebrities, including Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and Walt Disney.

Details about the casket include that it is considered to be a traditional Jewish casket. That means there are no nails involved in its creation whatsoever. Instead a special glue is used to fuse the portions of the casket together.

Elizabeth Taylor’s body is resting in a casket beautifully lined in red velvet. How interesting this is, since she starred in the critically acclaimed 1944 movie National Velvet when she was just 12 years old. The casket also had a matching red velvet pillow.

Dame Elizabeth: A royal queen
It is likely that the material used to make the casket Elizabeth Taylor was laid to rest in is what drove the cost so high. Rather than pine, which many of the less expensive caskets are made from, this one was made of mahogany. The rich, dark wood undoubtedly made for a beautiful casket in which the actress was buried.

Elizabeth Taylor went out of this life much in the same way she lived it. Grace, style and tastefulness were incorporated into her burial service and her casket. Her family is to be commended for seeing that their mother’s wishes were heeded.

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