Liberia election: Attahiru Jega leads electoral observers in next week poll

Attahir Jega... Liberia bound

Chairman of Nigeria’s electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega is to lead a group of observers to oversee Liberia’s poll coming up next week Tuesday.

Jega was  widely praised for organising Nigeria’s last April polls. His success in Nigeria’s election last April has been given world reckoning. He  will head a regional observer mission for Liberia’s vote on October 11, a statement said on Tuesday.

Professor Attahiru Jega supervised Nigeria’s presidential and general elections in April seen as significant improvements in a country with a long history of vote fraud, will head the mission for West African bloc ECOWAS.

The Economic Community of West African States mission is to include 150 members who will be deployed in various parts of Liberia for the days long electioneering activities.

Liberia Flag

The elections “are critical for consolidating the gains made in Liberia and other ECOWAS member states over the last decade in the entrenchment of peace, stability and good governance,” a statement from ECOWAS said.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,  the current incumbent is seeking another term as president as the still fragile west African nation recovers from successive civil wars between 1989 and 2003