Libya leader Mahmoud Ghadaffi captured and killed?


Mhammoud Gadaffi

Colonel Ghadafi, the Pan African Libya Leader who paddled the affairs of Libya for about 42 years has been killed. Reports claimed Gadaffi was killed as he was captured in a  suburb of Sirte where had been hiding in a cave. He was captured hiding in the hole near his home town of Sirte and was shot in both legs. Sources hinted how Gadaffi begged his killers not to shoot at him as he pleaded with them alongside his entourage. A  Libyan govt fighter in Sirte tells Reuters he witnessed the capture  in Sirte on Thursday as the strong leader of Libya pleaded not to be shot at. Libyan govt fighter says Gaddafi was hiding in a hole in Sirte, shouting “don’t shoot, don’t shoot”.

Mahmoud Gadaffi covered in Blood

U.S. state department says it cannot confirm media reports of Gaddafi’s capture at this point, but Senior Obama administration official says US working to confirm reports of Gadhafi’s death or capture

Gadaffi and World leaders

“He was wounded in both legs”, an National Transition Council  official Abdel Majid told Reuters News Agency. According to the reports, the  head of Gaddafi’s armed forces Abu Bakr Younus Jabr was also killed during capture of the  Libyan ex-leader. A Pan Africanist and one of the prides of Africa, Gadaffi ruled Libya for 42 years and has been a main force seeking and pleading for the unification of Africa.

Meanwhile, a second unconfirmed reports quoted independent observers as saying that Gadaffi widely death reports  are fresh ploys to distract Gadaffi loyalists once again and get them dispirited o they can join hands with NTC forces.

Many of Libya’s town cities including Benghazi, Tripoli and Mistrata are said to be in the hands of Gadaffi loyalists with the real truth not coming from Western media.

However, footage slots on international and national media relayed indepth reports on how the Libya ex-leader was captured, shot in both legs and only to be killed later.

There are also scenes of celebrations in some cities.

United States secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had said on Tuesday October 18 that Gadaffi would be captured or killed within days.

According to new reports the streets of Sirte are filled with martyred civilians and the destruction cannot be described by words.

The attempted genocide of a tribe is being brushed under the carpet by rumors of Qaddafi’s martyrdom. The rumors have been intentionally spread to keep the focus of people on Qaddafi’s martyrdom rather than the genocide and destruction of Sirte. This will also give NATO Mercenaries enough time to hide the dead bodies in mass graves then blame the Libyan Defense Forces as they did in Tripoli.

ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, The Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral. The information on the capture of the Libyan leader is simply a lie spewed by the CNT / NATO and broadcasted through their media lies that have sold their objective to become a real journalist NATO soldiers and members of the Qaeda. This lie was among others made by the CNT / NATO in order to demoralize the troops of the Libyan resistance which are bravely defending the city of Sirte and in other cities are fighting to free them from the clutches of members of the Qaeda and the Nato. This lie was announced today, to break the second day of Friday’s uprisings ,planned for October 21, 2011. Listen, bums of CNT and sponsors. The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and western mercenaries..

Al Jazeera TV has claimed that  NTC forces has  captured Muammar Gaddafi’s son Mo’tassim alive in Sirte. Al Arabiya says Gaddafi’s corpse  arrived  Misrata, and will be allowed assess for  filming by the station quoting the tv station  correspondent.

The station has been  granted permission to photograph Muammar Gaddafi’s body.