‘Life Changers’ impact on unsung heroes as recognition award is slated for December 3, 2010


Life Changers, a London based Charity Organisation will hold the prestigious  much expected ‘Life Changing Award Night‘ on December 3, this year.

The event, to be attended by many dignitaries across the world will feature many young talents currently making waves in different areas of engagements as well as many old professionals who one way or the other have impacted on the life of African Community in Europe and across the world and whose efforts are never recognised by the community.

According to Sheri Adegbesan, Chairperson of Life Changing Awards:”It is an award  of  recognition remembering our  unsung heroes, who continue to bring positivity to the black race, impacting directly or indirectly on the community.

“Many have struggled hard to get our community to the higher level of life attainment without recognition.

“This is where Life Changers awards come in, identifying the big gulf in the chat of community recognition”, she added,

She added:“Our hard working youths in recent years have been moving mountains and yet they are not identified in their various areas of engagements”.

Life Changers Proprietor, Sheri Odugbesan.:"We are making impacts"

The prestigious  Awards will be held on the 3rd of December 2010, at Hilton London Dockland, Riverside Hotel, 265 Rotherhithe Street, LondonSE16 5HW.

Time is 5PM.

The Awards encourages innovation and good practice in the community. This year’s Awards ceremony is designed to recognise and celebrate more than ever before the significant achievement and contributions to the community.

Life Changers Award  has become a symbol of success throughout various communities and across the Globe.

The award will be given in different categories based on Community development, life achievement, humanitarian, Tradition and Culture, sports, and on various fields of professions and careers pursuit achievements.

The event also will feature fund raising activities, the proceeds of which would be used to help many communities in carrying out various development projects in the United Kingdom and in Africa.

Olapeju: More Award to talk about .

Among this year’s award winners is infertility expert and marital adviser, Olapeju Agunbiade of the the famous ‘Let’s Talk About It” fame.

About LC: Life Changers was founded in January 2005 in response to the diverse needs of many ethnic minorities especially those from African origin.

We are an agent (not-for-profit) of cultural mediation for equal opportunity, set out to reduce the rate of exclusion and social deprivation that exists in Black Minority Ethnic (BME) group in the UK. Life Changers International activities was born out of the same need to develop and equip the African third sector and public sector by way of capacity building to enhance their performance.

‘Life Changers’ in many ways has acted as an agent of reform, while introducing innovative ways of working, achieved through training of key government delegates.

Various organised trainings have helped many countries, leading to a healthy economy thereby reducing the level of poverty in such countries. Several working projects also have helped towards meeting the key outcomes of the Millennium Goals of many countries.

Life Changers have successfully mobilized several individuals, businesses and civil societies across Africa and the United Kingdom by running public awareness campaign. Our campaigns are based on the challenges, opportunities and threats which exist in various public sectors areas while offering resolutions through capacity building, training and inter-governmental exchange.

Participants of our capacity building trainings include key policy makers, parliaDate: Friday 3rd December, 2010 | Time: 6:30 pm (Doors open at 6:00). Venue: Hilton London Docklands Riverside hotel 265 Rotherhithe Street London SE16 5HW United Kingdom Attire: Evening or Formal.