Local restaurant owner Goes Mad After confessing To Using voodoo To Grab Customers Destinies


naked1A Nigerian restaurant owner  has confessed to using voodoo as a link  to grab customers  to allow for her business to grow.

Through the confessed process, she was always ending up in straining out her customers destinies and spiritually dispossessing  them of positive things of life, which she added to her own gains daily.

She immediately turned insane just as she made the confession in Port Harcourt  in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Gathering mobs, many of who had constituted part of her teeming customers, hearing the confession took turns to hit her in an attempt to revenge after realizing they had been part of her evil exploits.

Police operatives  who saw the scenario immediately rescued her before she was lynched and she was driven away for more investigation and medical attention.
The woman, now being rumored as a witch is the owner of  a popular restaurant where men and women found solace to fill-up their stomach with delicious food and drinks daily in Port Harcourt.
The woman allegedly confessed that those who fell her victims release their destiny in her shop after she had applied her concoctions which include water from dead bodies, blood from her monthly menstrual period  and drained fluid from her private part.

Her restaurant, BUKA, in the Eleme area of Port Harcourt  is described as a rich venue of human  of activities as customers relishing her food troop in daily to have their round. Her restaurant is described as  one of the most popular local restaurant in the area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The true life story had held many spellbound in the city as people are now skeptical about popular restaurants  and the possibility of  voodoo connections.
According to eye witnesses, the woman, said to be originally  from Akwa Ibom state, suddenly lost her senses and started behaving weirdly. She later jumped on the street approaching everyone that cared to listen telling them her true to life evil doing of mixing human blood with her prepared food.
An eye witness said: ”She started acting bizarre, tore her clothes and started confessing in the presence of her customers, workers and passersby about how she used diabolical means for the growth of her business as she started running about the area  naked.”.

NakedAccording to a source, she said she mixes water used to bathe corpses with her food, as well as water from her privaté part and ménstruation blood. She said she did all these to attract customers whose “destinies” she used for the growth of her business and riches.
Some of her customers (including Okada men) and angry onlookers descended on her but she was rescued by Policemen who whisked her away from the scene.