London Hilton Hotel hosts 'Ariya Expo' week Celebration in November.


The annual Ariya Expo week celebration has been slated for early November this year according to reliable sources.

The celebration which puts Africa in focus is a celebration of African tourism market, promoting tourism and putting the continent in focus for international  travelling markets.

This year’s celebration, which will feature West African tourism promotion is expected to carry along among other things symposium on  exhibition on African Tourrism as well as promoting  African film industry.

The celebtastion will take place on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5 this year.

Ejike and Omotola graced last year occasion in grand style. They were guests at a special question and answer sessions at Hilton Olympia on Ariya Expo day.

Ola Wright, the Managing Director of Perfect Finish Travel Services and Chief Executive of Ariya Expo who holds the yearly event told EMNnews that this years Ariya Expo will carry along a lot of activities  marked out to make the occasion memorable.

This year’s activities will feature  major events including an exhibition, symposium and African Cultural events.

Hilton Olympia, venue of last year's events.

According to Ola,  many investors in Travelling industries are being invited to take part in the unique occasion.

Among the top Airlines that promoted the event last year was Arik which took part in a major organised travelling related exhibition.

Air travel and Tourism experts have been invited as guests to deliver speeches aimed at promoting African Tourism and  Ariya will also feature a major exhibition which will focus on West Africa’s tourism world.

“The world’s focus is currently on Africa  with  lots of attention from all over the world due to Africa’s economic prospects.

West Africa remains the heartland of Africa’s economic well being  and that is why attention must be focused on  West Africa.” Ola told EMNnews.

She is however urging Airlines and hundreds of Travelling Agencies across the world to partake in the forthcoming West African Tourism exhibition and promotion.  The two day affair will come up between November 4 and 5.

This year’s Ariya celebration will take place in Hilton Kensington, Central London.

‘Ariya Expo’  is a Culture and Tourism promotion event, aimed at promoting tourism in Africa. This year’s event  will focus on West Africa,one of the best travelling destinations in the world. West Africa’s  rich tradition and  cultural endowments have been under utilised as many aspects remain undiscovered by the outside world. This year’s event  will expose the potentials and those assets that make Africa a unique holiday place.

It will bring many potential investors closer to take interest in tourism market and seize a life time opportunity of taking interest in travelling investment in Africa.

The Ariya Expo 2011 is a direct marketing tool designed for the sole purpose of Marketing West African Tourism potentials and exposing same to the Diaspora.

“Our mission aims to project the naturally Africa’s endowed beauty, culture and history and showcase the continent as a top Tourist destination in the world”, added Ola Wright.

Ariya Expo aims to promote and project African Tourism Sites and Business potentials with the following objectives:

  • Promoting every aspect of African Tourism Industry
  • Promotion of Africa’s service sectors which support and promote tourism and business in general
  • Encourage foreign investments into the Tourism sector in Africa
  • To act as a platform for positioning Africa as a strong Tourism brand.
  • To provide a centralized distribution and sharing of relevant information on all aspects of the tourism industry in the continent
  • To create educative networking opportunities for business linkages between interested companies and persons.
  • To showcase Africa’s Conference Destination Assets
  • To promote in-bound tourism traffic into Africa
  • To convince the world that Africa is Safe, Secure and Friendly.
  • To provide an avenue where there will be one on one contact with players in the industry and would-be investors and visitors