London lifers gists you of all recent random gossips. It’s rib-cracking, have a bite.



I  am a woman of dignity”, says Peju Agubiade, disclaiming  romance with Ayefele

Popular London-based radio presenter, Peju Agunbiade has a lot of honour as a disciplined and distinguished  dame from a well-to- do family.

When words went to town recently about her fling with a popular musician, she was quick to dispel it without any fear of contradiction.

It had been alleged she was having a sizzling romance with the the top musician which she has denied without mincing words.

The rumour has been making the rounds that she is dating and having a sizzling romance with topguy gospel music star, Yinka Ayefele.

In an on-line chat with Weekend Showbiz, she said, “I am a family friend of the Ayefeles. My husband and I are very good friends of Yinka Ayefele and his family; so, the rumour could only have been engineered by some mischievous makers.”

Razor bladed tongues are however warned to search for more veritable source of gossips. Not in Peju’s corner.

Peju is happily married, so , eye -poppers, Be Warned!

The Ijesa, Osun State-born presenter is popular for her programme, ‘Talk About It’, on Naija F.M in London


Actress in Cloud 7 visit after sex encounter with London big-boy

It is the talk of London city as London lifers stumble on the gist.

Making the rounds in London right now is the a romance encounted of the decade which sent a popular actress to cloud 7 unexpected.

It is about a popular Yoruba actress who had a hot ‘by-pass’ ( know what I mean) with a popular London based Nigerian born big boy. The excitement was so much she almost gave up the ghost. She had to be revived back to life as she fainted during the encounter as the ‘bad boy’ hit her  so  hard..
Tthe lady who is very popular in Nigeria and also very single had visited London on short holiday.

She circumstantially met the London boy and she decided to have a taste of the London romance having had to  spend close to a month.

The big spender-boy wasted no in have a touch of the ‘bright star’ girl which he took a pride in. Though married, the star did not care a jolt as she was only a fling anyway.

The big spender-boy however hit the nail on the head and one thing led to another. Then wham – bam and the ecstatic  encounter got over the limit. The lady found herself in cloud 7 and almost never returned back to this sinful world.

The guy whose sexual prowess is well known in the London’s social circle however cried for help seeing her besotted lying breathless.

Then the application of a first aid as bowls of water poured on the lady did a magic. She bouced back  from cloud 7 and was still breathing heavily on her revival.

Up till now, she still can’t explain what came over her other than the fact her cloud 7 visit  and the singing of those romance angels  kept creeping into her memory.

Sources said the  pounding she got from the guy kept her craving for more though not in the immediate future as she told friends it was a sex jackpot.