London 'Mega' party for ladies of substance Theodora Ibekwe and Adeline Landu

Two jolly friends in the act of top modelling doing it their way; a birthday with a difference

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever“, so the saying goes, but when two beauties meet under one umbrella to celebrate birthdays  in grand style, then your guess is as good as mine as  the environment no doubt  turns a real haven of  beauty exhibitions.

So it was recently when the London Diva, Theodara Ibekwe and Adeline Landu, another top London Model promoter joined hands on the New year’s eve to celebrate their birthdays in grand style. The celebration venue had been kept under wrap to discourage gate-crashing parasites and hoodlums- and the trick worked magic.

The classic celebration draw invitees only from models and model related circles that even yours truly was kept at bay. No sweats!

Theodora appeared her best and Adeline was ever toothy in her smiles with lots of fun criss-crossing the arena.
Cakes came in different colours, flavours and textures and the music was ever to the standard and tastes of the guests.

To avoid unnecessary speculation, here is an eye witness account”

“Things got off to great start at about a quarter past midnight as everyone partied and grooved to chart music, afro pop and rare groove. There was a lot for the guests to eat, drink and be merry and merry they certainly were.  BEFFTA award winning photographer, Kenneth Asia was there to capture the action”.

Time to blow off the lit cake candle... with style

“Theodora in her own words, said that “ I had a really big party last year with hundreds of people, many that I barely knew. Adeline and I wanted to be surrounded by people that were extremely dear to us this year”.

This is a family affair. There are a few close friends that couldn’t make it because of other commitments but I know that they would have loved to be here”.

Oh Yes ! I would have loved to be there.

The inseparable duo,  Theodora and Adeline  welcomed the New Year in grand style and didn’t hide their satisfaction and fulfilment in the night.

Theodora is a UK based Award winning TV presenter, promoter and the founder of  the Miss Elegant World Beauty pageant.  Adeline is an event promoter and Artiste Manager with Nigerian mega star Kefee of the Kokoroko fame in her camp.

The party was held in a beautiful country house on Friday the 31st of December and attended only by close friends, family, business partners and associates.  The venue of the party was a closely guarded secret as the divas wanted a very intimate gathering, which is exactly what they got.

In attendance to add life to the environment were London big boys including Dele Onabowu of, Sola Oyebade, CEO, Mahogany Models, Ibukun Jegede, Top Model, Henry Ibekwe(Theo’s Fashion guru brother), Tony Mezy to mention a few.

Choco- flavoured cake, shared around by Theo

Tiya Mag CEO and Ibukun jegede

For more pictures of the occasion please go to this link:

Theo and Ade with Friends at the party