Top London Stars Line Up For Gbedu’s Big Day Celebration Night


Top London Stars Line Up For Gbedu’s Big Day Celebration Night-Famous London artists and entertainment gurus are lining up for the celebration of Mr Paul Olumide Odedeyi, (a.k.a Gbedu) birthday bash coming up this weekend.

The event would also witness the launching of a new Gbedu Magazine special mobile application, developed to enhance the people’s reach to the popular publication, ‘Gbedu Magazine’ , which has served Londoners for over a decade.

According to sources, the event which comes up this week in London will attract many entertainment champions and music stars from across the Globe.

Paul Olumide 'Gbedu' Omideyi: Double celebration.Birthday and Mobile application
Paul Olumide ‘Gbedu’ Omideyi: Double celebration.Birthday and Mobile application

A spokesman for Gbedu Entertainment organisation hinted that all is now set for the birthday bash and the launching of the new mobile application which has been developed to create easy and mobile access to the Magazine and other online tv channels and videos in World’s best entertainment news. The party will hold this Sunday, June 12 at the popular Docklands Sailing And Watersports Center, West Ferry Road, East London E14 3QS.

The sources added:”The party was originally planned for exclusive entertainers but when the idea of the  the new application launching unfolded, it was planned that the birthday occasion should be used since Gbedu is a big name in London entertainment and all his associates want to get involved”.

The application has been developed to create accessibility to all Gbedu Entertainment fora as the platform is created to reach-out to members of the public and entertainment enthusiats.

Reacting last night night, Mr Odedeyi (aka Gbedu) responded:”  The dynamic nature of technology nowadays has brought viewership more open and closer to the people for their watching pleasure. Our sister company, fushionplustv , which is Gbedu Magazine new inmate company has created an inclusive platform for the development of audio-visual scenes for both movies production and for watching pleasure of the people. Through the new Fusionplustv Mobile App, which is  downloadable on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, people across the World would have the advantage of accessibility to all entertainment we have to offer through various medium.

He added that the newly launched app has brought entertainment closer to the people across the world  through Movies and on-line talk shows which can be watched with no stress. The application is obtainable through Google play store. Click on and you start a new World watching the best online television all in one place that can be watched anywhere anytime of the day.

Fusionplustv powered by Fusion Media Network has just provided the new way to watch great shows on the web or on the mobile phones and tablets”, he concluded.Gbeduiv