Majestic restaurant reopens after weekend of brawl shut Nigerian social haven

    Customers enjoying father’s day Majestic Restaurant, London

    Business activities have resumed in London’s popular Nigerian social house and restaurant, Majestic, after it was shut for a while last weekend due to a brawl that led to a police temporary shield from public.

    Source are hinting that business activities at the high flying restaurant resumed on Sunday evening when many people  used the restaurant for Father’s Day celebration which witness inter social celebrations including special couple’s service in celebration of the Father’s Day.

    ” It was true there was a scuffle but the closure was only for few hours when the police visited due to the disagreement  that broke out among two rivals of party revelers.

    Popular Nigerian Fuji artist, Sekele , who visited from Nigeria was on music stand on Friday night when the brawl broke out.

    Juju music star Segun Michael.. performs this weekend at Majestic Restaurant

    “The restaurant is now fully open to business”, a representative of Majestic Restaurant told, adding that  the police presence was only for security measure and the Ambulance was only called to treat a minor injury sustained by one of the brawlers.

    Another source hinted that on Friday night, London popular artist, Segun Michael will be on band stand at the restaurant where  he will perform till day break.

    Majestic restaurant is one of Africa’s most popular social joint known for its unique social promotions of Africa, music and entertainment acts, arts and culture.

     Many Nigerians across the world make the restaurant their first port of call on arrival in Britain.

    Its unique nature had endeared many visitors of Asia and European background who make their presence known as Africa culture lovers.

    Segun Michael performs this Friday at Majestic Restaurant, Cold Harbour Lane, Londo.