Man 50, fathers daughters week-old child… she is 14 years old

kehinde and her baby
14 year-old Kehinde and her baby

The 14 year old girl who has given birth to baby girl after her biological father impregnated her has appealed to Nigerian government or private Organisations to adopt the baby to safe her from emotional agony.

The case has been a a big riddle for the Nigerian Police  authority who are contending with one of the most annoying incest case which has seen the 14 year old girl given birth to a bouncing baby girl, fathered by her 50 year biological dad.

The baby was born last week to Junior Secondary School class 1(JSS1), Kehinde Onajobi

Call it the peak of immorality or infidelity, or conclude the 50 year -old was under curse or spell and you would not be disputed.

As 14 year old  Kehinde Onajobi   cuddles her  unsolicited liability, there has been calls by many sympathisers  urging government to come to the girls rescue as she cries for help to save her further  agonising embarrassment, urging government to adopting the baby so that she can pursue her education career.

“My father has ruined my life. He has brought shame to me, I feel like dying. I don’t want to set my eyes on him anymore. I can’t look at him in the face. I want the government to come and take this baby now,” she fumed as she wept pleading with the Nigerian authorities to safe her from emotional agony.

She claimed that  she would not be able to stand the stigma and lifelong embarrassment associated with such birth and therefore want the government of international world to intervene as she needed help.

She said she didn’t want to join history books as a child, bearing babies  for her own dad as the world already has a  list of such mis-normal cases.

To compound her problem, Kehinde has ben warned by traditionalists in her locality that any attempt to breastfeed the babay may result in her death and that of the baby caliming that her problems would be saved if the  government would adopt her and to guarrantee her safety.

The Junior Secondary School I(JSS I) student narrated how her amorous father started sleeping with her since December 2009 which resulted in the pregnancy.

Ironically, it was the same disciplinarian father, who almost battered her to death when she lost her virginity to a neighbour that later converted her to his bedmate.

“My father gave me the beating of my life. Less than four years after, the same father forced and had sex with me. He had sex with me each time I finished menstruating. I warned him that it would result to pregnancy, but he didn’t listen to me.”

“He warned me not to tell anybody about the pregnancy, but one day, my cousins came, insisting to know the person responsible for the pregnancy. They tied my father’s hands and legs with rope and took me to the backyard and I told them the truth.

“My father later took me to Safeway Hospital and ran away,” she said.

But the 50 years old randy father, who owned up to the crime said he only had sex with his daughter once, adding that he was tempted to do so when she formed the habit of removing her clothes in his presence.

“She did not raise the alarm because it was not her first time of doing it,” he said.

However, the  50-year-old farmer, Yesiru Onajobi from Bogije in Ibeju Lekki Local government Area of Lagos State,  blamed his moments of madness on the fact that the daughter always slept naked.

According to him, “we have been living together since when she was a little girl and we always sleep in the same room. I started sleeping with her last December because she was always naked in the night when she wants to sleep.”

He however however owned up claiming  he did not know what came over him to warrant  having love affairs with his own daughter.

Police described the action of Mr Yeriru Onajobi as an abomination and act of unwarranted defilement.

The state police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu during  a press conference over the incident  , assuring that the suspect would be arraigned soon.