Mandela in hospital only for check and not for surgery, South Africa govt dispels


    son Mandela: Just in hospital for routine and abdominal pain checks.

    The South African government is dispelling rumours that Former President Nelson Mandela had been operated on, claiming he only visited hospital for only for abdominal pain and routine checks.

    The authorities are therefore appealing to the Media World to wait for the appropriate time for truthful News about the state of his  health, urging that the media should exercise restrain over  speculative reporting.

    The warning emerged after media reports across the world claimed the former  leader had a surgery operation overnight and was recovering.

    Saturday morning’s speculation had been prompted by an earlier statement coming from the Presidency which claimed:”President Jacob Zuma wishes to advise that….Mandela was admitted to hospital today, 25 February 2012,”

    Madiba has had a long-standing abdominal complaint and doctors feel it needs proper specialist medical attention.”

    The name of the hospital Mendela was admitted was not supplied as the Presidency refused to give more information

    According to the presidential spokesman, Mac Maharaj:”We want to handle the matter with due regard to his privacy. We will give you updates as soon as we have any,” he said.

    “We assure him [Mandela] of the love and good wishes of all South Africans and people throughout the world.”

    The News which broke out this morning however  was jumped on by the world media which claimed that Mandela was operated on in a major surgery.

    The claim however had irked SA presidency, which frowned at what it described as speculative reporting.
    “If we look at the statement released by the SA Presidency – it does not state that Mandela is going in for surgery. We do not want any speculation,” African National Congress spokesperson Keith Khoza said.

    “His [Mandela’s] admittance was pre-arranged. Mandela was complaining about abdominal pain – now it is a matter that his doctors and specialists will decide on.”

    Khoza was commenting after a leading world Media reported that Mandela was “stable” after undergoing surgery.

    The major world News source had  quoted unnamed “officials” who said Mandela  had spent the night at hospital.

    The broadcaster said it “understood” that he had undergone overnight surgery for a hernia.

    However, the presidency claimed it was yet to reveal detailed information about Mandela’s state of health.

    “We want to give the specialists time to attend to him first and then they will provide us with a full report that will be presented to President Jacob Zuma,” said Maharaj.

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    “Before he was admitted this morning [Saturday] he was doing well. We have an obligation to the public to keep them informed on Mandela’s health and will do so – when we have news.

    “We want to handle the matter with due regard to his privacy. We will give you updates as soon as we have any,” he said.

    There had been several  speculations about the state of heath of the septuagenarian. Earlier this week, reports claimed the former president had died while social media went to the public with frenzy to speculate the claim.

    Even though EMNnews dispelled the rumour., It claimed that the old man has been seriously ill and might be receiving treatment in France.

    Now, many speculative reports are forcing the South African authority to issue the current statement and the government is urging for a truce over unhealthy speculations until the truth emerged.


    Also far back to January, 2011, false postings on Twitter claimed that Mandela had died,

    Fellow Nobel peace laureate and human activist,  Desmond Tutu described the former president as “frail”.

    And days later, on January 26, Mandela was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for what a Nelson Mandela Foundation spokesperson described as “routine tests”.

    It later emerged that Mandela, 93, had suffered from a respiratory infection.

    Mandela moved to his home town of Qunu in the Eastern Cape a few days before his 93rd birthday in July last year.

    The Presidency announced at the end of January this year that he would be returning back to his Johannesburg home in Houghton because “maintenance has to be undertaken at his Qunu home in the Eastern Cape”, according to Maharaj.

    – SA News24 and Agency reports..