Mayor Tayo Situ, The Nigerian-born Southwark No 1 citizen is dead

Mayor Tayo Situ

Councillor Tayo Situ, the Nigerian-born London Mayor in the Borough of Southwark, London South-East is dead. He was  representing Peckham Ward.

He was 56 years old.

Councillor Situ died after a brief illness.
According to the Councillor’s spokesman and Publicity Secretary, Councillor Situ breathed his last breath at about 23:00 hrs,  on Monday May 9, 2011 after a brief illness.
“With a grieved heart but thanks to God Almighty, I confirm that the once energetic, compassionate, servant leader and former number one citizen of London Borough of Southwark, Councillor Tayo Adelani Situ, departed this sinful world, to meet his creator at 23:01 Hours, last night, 9 May 2011, after a brief illness”, Mr Amos Akin Adejinmi announced on Tuesday morning.
His latest public engagement would have been the reception of Osun State governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who arrived to receive a bequeathed  honour from his domain, Borough of Southwark about ten days ago. By then, his health had waned which led to his eldest son playing host to the visiting governor.
“He is survived by his wife, 5 children (which includes set of twins) and two grand children”, added the statement issued by Mr Adejinmi.

The Nigerian community in London has been mourning the illustrious Nigerian who has found his name in the history book of British politics as a Mayor

British Labour Party

Tayo Situ  has stamped Nigeria’s emblem in the body politic of British politics and has  represented the voice of Nigerian community as a councillor for long in London South-East Borough of Southwark.

He hails from Iwo in Osun State and assumed his mayoral post just after last year’s British election, having been denied the position four years earlier after political events in the Borough favoured another party.

He was promptly installed with his party, Labour’s victory in the Borough just May last year.

His spell in politics started  in 2002 when he contested for the Peckham ward councilorship in the Southwark Council on the platform of the Labor Party and won to make representation for his ward.  He has since been a major force of reckoning due to his political activities and humane representation, demonstration humility, astuteness, loyalty and passionate servitude.

Tayo’s political history has ever remained iconic and at certain stages of his political career had vied for a position as a member of Parliament opting to make history as the first Nigerian to up in such political cadre.
The late Situ was also a politician in Nigeria before relocating to the UK. In 1983, he contested for a seat in the House of Assembly of the old Oyo State on the ticket of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and lost, having been victimized by a massive rigging embarked on by the then National Party of Nigeria (NPN), a political party eventually swept away from government by the Idiagbon-Buhari military interregnum asNPN meted injustices to the nation
In the ensuing violent protests against alleged rigging in Oyo and Ondo states, the Second Republic collapsed.
A councillor in Peckham since 2002, the Mayor came to the UK from Nigeria in 1985. He studied accountancy at South Bank University and ran his own business. As a Councillor, his priorities were to see more jobs for local people and better services for the young and vulnerable. He lived locally and was a trustee and elder of his church. He was a devoted husband, father to five children and also a grandfather. His wife Mrs Abike Situ is consort and his son Michael is also a councillor.
According to Adejimi, funeral arrangement for the departed will be communicated to his teaming fans across the world as soon as it is concluded.
However, three condolence registers have been opened for the likable councillor who had impacted on the life of many in his doming, Southwark Council. The locations of the registers are  below:
London Borough of Southwark

1. Town Hall, Southwark Council, Peckham Road

2. His Church, C.A.C., Ilderton Road, By Millwall FC stadium
3. His House 12 Lyndhurst Road, Peckham SE15, By Academy at Peckham
Councillor Situ assumed his mayoral duty last year just after the general election.
He has been a major actor in the Southeast politics influencing the life of many other communities. Africans will always remember him for serving their interests.
He will be seriously missed by all his close associates, youths alike and political rivals with whom he has had the privilege of impacting in thier lives.
More news as they break.
Some picture memory of departed  Mayor of Southwark Council, Councillor Tayo Situ.

Mayor Tayo Situ on duty in Southwark Town Hall.

Mayor of Clichy Gilles Catoire and Mayor of Southwark Tayo Situ of Southwark
Mayor Tayo Situ in his official regalia
Ever lively and humble, Councillor Tayo Situ
Councillor Tayo Situ with award presenter Grace Idowu and her





  1. He was very personal friend and neighbour, and we started together in Peckham’s Liddle Ward in the 90s when he was the Ward Councillor under the Labour Party and I was the Asst Secretary. He was a First of many Firsts. he was always at the forefront of the rights for Minorities in Southwark and indeed, London. He was a great Nigerian Ambassador, never refusing to give help to his people, Nigerians, Africans, black people of the London Borough of Southwark.
    May his gentle and humble soul soul rest in perfect peace and may the Almighty God be with the family he left behind. I will personally miss him.

  2. Uncle Tayo,
    Your sudden departure makes us grieve.
    I could not come to term of this reality until e-media publishes it.
    We will miss you.
    But the good works, profound sense of humour and legacy you left behind are indelibly stamped on our minds.
    ISEOLUWAREE showed me your picture a few weeks ago and said…”see grandpa!”
    May the Almighty God console all the family members and friends.
    Adieu! Olori-Ebi

  3. I knew Mr Situ before and after Politics, and he was a thoroughly decent, friendly, honest, humble and helpful family man, dedicated to his family and the people he served, without recourse to any financial compensation for the many good deeds he did.
    A man in a million, a Politician with a difference. No Awoism or jingoism. No Zikism or cronism. Just a plain honest man who wanted to help his people, and got into Politics for just that reason.
    May the Lord protect and provide for the family he left behind. Good things happen to good people, and I’m sure good things will happen to him and his family.