Me on Drugs?.. No Way… Majek Fashek Claims His Problem Is Spiritual


Me on Drugs?.. No Way… Majek Fashek Claims His Problem Is Spiritual-Rain man, Majek Fashek, the musical rave of the eighties is at it again, launching himself back into the mainstream of Nigerian music industry after years of sojourn in the United States of America.

According to him in a short interview with Channel Television, he is arriving in the country to bridge the gap in the nation’s music industry.  He claimed that the reality of today’s music industry is that messages for the common man’s social problems are missing claiming that Nigeria has been agog with dance floor music.

“How can you dance when you are hungry”, he queried assuring that the real Rastafarian music has to be brought back.

About his much publicized drug problem, the onetime youth music hero, whose music tore through all segments of the nation’s social life pinned his  life troubles on spiritual attacks and family incursion into his successful living. He cited the proverbial Isrealite’s enslavement by Pharaoh and said he had been a victim of  jealousy. He waved off drugs as the source of his problems, claiming  he has attained salvation.
fashekHe claimed  he never used drugs, contradicting insinuations that he was introduced to drugs in the United States.

On a Channels Television Sunday Programme, Rubbin’ Minds, Majek said what he had was home problem and that it was spiritual. “I never used drug. If I used drug, you won’t see me again. I would not be here. The problem I had was home trouble jealousy and that cannot be taken away from our continent and country,” he said.

He expressed satisfaction with the progress that the entertainment industry in Nigeria had recorded over the years