"Beware of unholy insinuation", Nigerians urged… as Wikileaks claim Tinubu and Atiku are terror agents.


Nigerians across the world are being alerted that the recent terrorism sponsorship allegation against Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and former vice president Atiku may be an attempt to insinuate instability through tribal hatred.

Sources are saying that the claim could have been aimed at brewing a recipe for terrorism attack on the South Western Nigeria while creating a state of distrust and anger against the North by the south.

The source sounded a warning that Nigeria should be vigilant not to walk into a trap of destabilisation, thereby making predictions by big powers that Nigeria would disintegrate before 2015 a reality.

“This is a danger signal and we all must pause and re- assess our long mentality of believing all information that emanate from foreign sources.

“Wikileaks may have been hijacked by certain powerful underground international security agents who are using the enormous popularity of the information source to penetrate the psyche of Nigerians with aim of starting a psychological insinuations. It is in this vein that Nigerians must be weary of recent occurrences and the systematic approach to destabilize Nigeria” the source said.

” Now, we have to look deeply into the activities of Wikileaks. It could have been made a high level weapon of mass incitement, serving as agent of destabilisation in the new colonialism world order. This is a posibility”, the source said.

Wikileaks had claimed that Tinubu and former vice president Atiku Abubakar allegedly brought terrorism to Nigeria, in its recent cable leak entitled “Terrorism: Atiku & Tinubu Brought Al Qaeda to Nigeria”,an allegation former vice President Abubakar Atiku himself described as insinuating.

Tinubu, on Thursday denied the allegations saying it was a big joke. He said he holds his belief in the sanctity of human life and this principle would not have allowed him to support such mindless killings of human beings in the name of religion.

He said, “The allegation that I am sponsoring Boko Haram is a very serious allegation that is very malicious and damaging. It is a very serious rumour, I cannot be involved in such a heinous act, because I believe in the secularity of Nigeria, remember my wife is a deaconess, so, I cannot be involved in such evil act.

“I cannot be involved in sponsoring Boko Haram, I believe in the rule of law, in all the battles I have confronted, I know how I am committed to the rule of law, I always headed for the court. I am convinced that it is politically motivated, from those who have failed to deliver good governance to Nigeria. I believe this country must strive for freedom, liberty and the inalienable right of individuals.”

He added, “If you talk about Boko Haram, you cannot examine one side alone. Government must look at all the sides, and ask, what is the genesis of Boko Haram? How did it start?

“Government has to find the cause of the Boko Haram crisis by addressing all the anger in the society, and examine all grievances and engage leadership at all levels, in particular prominent leaders to find a way to appeal to the promoters of Boko Haram, and investigate the theory that Al-Qaeda infiltrated Boko Haram, and also examine ourselves again.”

Tinubu challenged the government to investigate the circumstances behind the “summary execution” of the former leader of Boko Haram leader.

Tinubu’s co-accused, former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar described as absolute rubbish and utter falsehood the insinuations by Wikileaks. It was alleged the attempt was aimed at political strategy to allegedly make Nigeria ungovernable for former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku

“The former Vice-President said that he didn’t need al-Qaeda to defend himself against Obasanjo’s evil machinations to bring him down.”

The statement quoted Atiku as directly saying: “I am adequately equipped to defend my political rights; I don’t need Al-Qaeda connection to resist the oppression of Obasanjo. Rather than Al-Qaeda, the constitution and the laws of the land were my weapons against the tyranny of an intolerant dictator.

“We fought Obasanjo’s life presidency ambition using the parliament and the court of laws and the nation won the battle. We did not have any need for Al-Qaeda.”

The statement added: “The former Vice-President said the fact that he and former Lagos State Governor, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, were accused of Al-Qaeda connection had exposed the political motive of the allegation.

He said, “The leadership of Nigeria did not handle this matter properly from the beginning, Did it just spring like locust, it all started gradually , what happened to the leader of Boko Haram, that was arrested, handed over to the police, but he was summarily executed.

Meanwhile, Senator Oluremi Tinubu  has decried what she described as the state of insecurity in the country which she claimed had degenerated.

She urged Nigerians to pray for divine intervention.

Senator Tinubu, was speaking to journalists in Lagos, during the Christian Pentecostal Mission International Women of Vision International Conference. She said there was a form of evil going on in the country that must be tackled spiritually.

Tinubu prayed that God should  touch the hearts of  those that are responsible for recent crisis, adding that Nigeria was not known for such terrorist activities.

She said: “In the spiritual realm, we see that there is something terrible that is going on and we need prayers for God to intervene and touch the heart of those responsible for these dastard acts.”

Tinubu, who said some  of the terrorists arrested in Jos, Plateau State, were not normal, called on President GoodLuck Jonathan to urgently tackle the issue of power in the country,  as rise in mental illness has been linked to emission of carbon monoxides from generating sets.

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