Midnight slain: EFCC official, other four family members hacked to death by assailants… another agency officer is killed

Farida Waziri
Farida Waziri

Nigeria’s anti graft Agency, the Economic and Financial  Crimes Commission  are mourning the death of two top officials who were hacked to death on the wee hours of Monday morning.

Unknown attackers brandishing machetes stormed the home of a senior intelligence official and hacked him and four members of his family to death in an apparent targeted killing in Kano, while in Kaduna, a top forensic expert with the agency wad murdered.

In Kano however, two members of the family of sie-member family however had a lucky escape jumping through fences to their safety as they escaped from the attackers, with one of the escapee sustaining serious injuries.

In Kano,  Garba Bello, his wife and three children were murdered in cold blood around 1:30 am on Monday.  Kano state police spokesman Baba Mohammed confirmed the killings told AFP.

“It was a clear case of assassination as nothing was taken away from his home”, Mohammed said.

The killings occurred in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria’s north. Bello was a senior official of the StateSecurity Service, the country’s intelligence agency, he  said further, claiming that two other children escaped the killings.

EFCC logo
EFCC logo

“They had to jump the fence to escape. One of them with machete cuts is receiving treatment in a hospital,” he said.

Police were investigating and no arrests had been made.

However, another EFCC official allegedly fell to the assailant’s machetes in Kaduna but reports on the identity are yet to be released by the Police.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the nation’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said Tuesday that one of its senior officers was also  killed in nearby Kaduna, but offered no other details. It was later discovered that the slain officer was a forensic expert who was described by EFCC  spokesperson, Femi Babafemi as a strategic officer who has contributed immensely to the activities of the Agency

The killings came  as the  nation prepares for election 2011 and some  northern governors are alleging that President Goodluck Jonathan were after them, using the anti graft Agency.

As police investigation continues into the killings, rumours that some of the northern governors may have initiated the killings are yet to be confirmed as Police said they were very slow to judgements.

Last week, Five northern State governors from the northern part of Nigeria claimed they were victims of a witch –hunt by President Jonathan whom they claimed had set the anti graft Agency, EFCC to trail their financial atrocities in their respective states- for onward prosecution.

“This situation may have set some disloyal   governors against pro-Goodluck Jonathan  governors in order to cause mayhem in some northern  states, and  to create fears in the heart of EFCC officials in the northern part of the country as the disloyal governors  anticipate litigation soon initiated by  EFCC”, an observer said on Tuesday.


  1. All Nigerians should mourn the deaths of these officers who had been targeted obviously as a result of their assignments. I personally commiserate with the rest of their families on their deaths and pray that, God in his infinite mercies grant his eternal peace to the departed.

    Meanwhile, this is war. The Federal government must respond not even with equal force, but, must despatch all its energy and arsenal to fight the war. All officers should now go underground under marshal directives along with their families. There must be a 24 hour protective ring thrown around all of them with each officer looking out for and after his colleagues.

    It even bothers me that the operatives carry out their duties without cover. Since it will take some time to provide anonymity to them, I think the military should get involved in their operations for full protection. Let it be known that, all cases being investigated and prosecuted by the Nigerian Intelligence operatives are now completely under scrutiny. Every case should be looked at intricately to fish out motives for murder. All such cases with suspicious murderous motives should be turned upside down to fish out the murderers.

    Saying this, the families of the dead operatives should be cared for by the government to embolden the courage of their colleagues to continue fearlessly in the fight against corruption.