Misrule: Nigerians’ golden opportunity to redress



President Goodluck Jonathan

One can view the New Year 2012 from the spectacle of the recent Fuel Subsidy removal, which was packaged to be a fresh breath of air to welcome Nigerians into a new threshold of recklessness and recluse abandonment of programmes that can alleviate the sufferings of the masses.

However, if one sees with the eyes of history, the vision of what usually betide those who strike their pens to impose untold hardship upon those they lead, it will be obvious Nigerians have been provided with a golden opportunity to get their nation back from flagrant abusers of our common destiny as a nation and a people. 

Let me first sincerely use this opportunity to wish and pray for a prosperous new year 2012 for all Nigerians who are out there wishing our country well in development and advancement. I do not wish the enemies of Nigeria well neither those who pummel us to prolonged slavery in our own land.

I do not wish well-being to those who are eternally longing for ways to take further advantage of our nation at the expense of the masses of this great country.

My prayer goes to those who have suffered neglect and abandonment in the course of series of severe maladministration of Nigeria over the years – THE MASSES. God will surely arise and fight for us all since those who exploit us are stronger than we are, but they are people like us.

I write to congratulate those of us who have survived the nefarious and deadly attacks of all kinds of inhuman cults especially the inglorious Boko Haram scourge which have threatened the foundational existence of Nigeria like never before.

Congratulations! I then use this opportunity to send my very sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives as a result of the ungodly acts of genocide by such groups both in the past and most recently. I commiserate with you all, and ask that God Almighty will give you the fortitude to bear the loss of your loved ones.

Back to what I was saying, Nigerians through its multiple Social Network connections have a golden opportunity to mobilize its citizenry from all works of life, especially now that we are dealing with a common problem that has no coloration of religion or tribe or region, into a formidable army of occupation that will directly take the bull by the horn.

I am not talking about NLC/TUC led protest that will be negotiated in couple of weeks against the agitation of the masses.

I am talking about one that will be spontaneous and will have its leaders chosen within the protest. It will be supported with a mandate to go for the jugular of those who hide behind the scene and calls the shot through their mouthpiece President who is simply under siege by the traducers of our nation. Simply put, President Jonathan is a stooge and a planting of the cabals who feast on us all. 

If Nigerians will be sincere enough to themselves, we mostly know who the cabals are within us, we can easily identify those who have never been with us from the get go. We know those who always preach the message of perseverance through speeches to the people while they live in gaudy ostentatious showiness. We know those who support anti-people policies and provide out of sync explanation of such ideas.

We are well aware of those who were with us and now on the other side singing a different tone with a borrowed voice. We know them that blackmail us with lies and deceit, only to feed fat on our ignorance and stupidity. Which Nigerian will claim the names of those who sell us for a penny on a dollar is not known to them? Who is fooling who?

We know those who buy our commonwealth with monies equally stolen from us. We pay billions to build and they turn around to destroy what is built and buy it out for few millions, and then turn around again and make us pay for the whole deal. We know the rascals in our midst who govern us with total abuse and neglect; they are our brothers and sisters.

We all know those who sit to formulate policies that are reductive and portentous. These guys are the REAL troublers of Nigeria.

We know their safe havens, don’t we? We know their hiding palaces, don’t we? Any fight that spares these generations of fraudsters that we sometimes parade as the best of our stock will bring back the lyrics of Bob Marley and the Wailers – “he who fights and run away lives to fight another day”.

Nigeria in the midst of our troubled existence, religious intolerance and hatred, regional suspicion with unreasonable solidarity, deadly corrupt practices, and our penchant quest to be divided along lines worst of which is the mordant play of our leaders to divide and rule us, is still a viable entity if we sweat to save her.

I have noticed that Nigerians are very religious and are very sympathetic to their regions and tribe but we can work together against a common enemy that is not defined by tribe or religion.

We have allowed our polity to be so charged that Christians and Muslims are pitched against each other and the north is an infernal enemy of the south, but in the midst of this confusion we have only one enemy that is not dressed in the garb of Christ or the cloak of Mohammed.

We have some people in our midst who are consumed in selfishness at the detriment of the masses of this country, and they are only defined as such. Even though hatred and intolerance ruled our minds, and we are very comfortable in it when indeed it was a script written by our sworn enemies to steal us blue and feast us dry. Yet the present battle is not about hatred but LOVE for our nation and ourselves.  

There is no doubt that Nigeria is very well constituted, very well diversified and very well blessed across the regions to lead the brown (black) nations of the world to human dignity and liberty.

The problem has consistently being that of total misunderstanding of the enormous resources within our diversities. We have been internally mismanaged and externally misrepresented to the extent that those who only see above their nose now see our advantage as a disadvantage.

We have become so engrossed in the “battle royal” for regional supremacy, religious expansionism, resource exclusionism, and political brinkmanism, all at the expense of our common identity. We seldom revere in the intrinsic essentialities of our differences, seldom respect the sanctity of the inherent plausibility of our diversities, we frown at the beauty of the North and reject the glory of the South, abuse the value of the East and essentially condemn the strength of the West within Nigeria.

The only thing we commonly celebrate is the servitude that we are plundered into by our taskmaster, we put the drums out for the gaudy display of those who steal from us, and we salute the severe rapine seizure of our national worth by imbeciles who simply master the craft of confusing us.

The morally relativistic wimps are applauded, the fiends are celebrated and those who lack the modicum of skills rule us. We prostrate in submission to the Cult of arbitrary violence and submit blithely to the crassest roguish idea of attrition if it has the semblance of our niche.

We grovel under the scurrilous master of our religious faith as if they are gods. The only reason to explain our hatred for each other is the reductive misreading of our Books of faith and the infernal misinterpretations by Charlatans in the name of Clerics. Enough is simply enough! The main troublers of this nation are backed by the Hirelings in the Church and Mosque!

It is unfortunate however, to still notice that within Nigeria are still people who are under informed and over zealous for their religion, they are over-sympathetic to their regions and loyal to their tribe and culture above the splendor of majesty of our oneness as a nation.

They rattle us sometimes with their parochial sentimental arguments but they are still part and parcel of us. It is our believe that such people will sincerely join with us at this august occasion provided us by the error of judgment of our very callous leaders to take back our country. 

All we need to do is organize community rallies all over and begin to abduct our detractors who have betrayed us hitherto. Every community should go after this real evil in our midst. Lagos should deal with a bunch of them therein. Abuja protest should fall on them like a predator.

Kano people should show them no mercy. In Port Harcourt, they should be made aliens. I am calling for blue murder, but total severance of their investments and their emblem of slavery of our people. May be we will have more unemployment as a result of this action or we will have the Army or the Police sent out to overrun us but we should remember we will be worse if they get away with this effrontery to the masses of our people.

We have to fight back, but with good sense of who and what the target should be. Arise O Nigerians, injustice call for help! 

Here is a question to be answered by everyone, what have you as a person benefited from being a Nigerian with Billions of Dollars accruing from Oil? Where are the roads, jobs or food? 

I can be reached at nigardgroup@yahoo.com

Oluremi Goodness Adeyinka