Miss Elegant TV show as world contest goes on tube



Miss Elegant 2010

The countdown has begun for this years Miss Elegant International Beauty contest as the beauty showpiece, embraced by many across the world has made a new stride into thousands of homes.


It has commenced a serial show of past events on Television, featuring all past auditions and the contest proper as it happened in the past two to three years.

Now, viewers can watch every Saturday evening at 7pm various clips that  has made the pageant a hit as well as the secrets of what gave the contest a big challenge last year from a world renowned Beauty organising body threatening to sue the organizers for damages over trade right invasion because the beauty pageant was then known as Miss Elegant World. The ‘World’ was promptly dropped for ‘International’.

Miss Elegant TV show

The popular Beauty Show enters its third year running this year as the contest Chief Executive, Theodora Ibekwe claimed the TV show has been created to wet the appetite of contestants in this year’s competition .

” I am very proud that our two previous beauty contests recorded huge succeess and this year, what we plan to do is to built on the previous successes”, added Theodora as the show commenced the television series on Britain’s most popular black TV station, Ben Television.

The series debuted last Saturday at about 7pm and it featured many hot spots of the contest, held in November last year.

Many lovers of natural beauty and culture conscious individuals are being urged to watch out every Saturday for Miss Elegant International Beauty Pageant Show, as it featured for the first time the TV.
BEN Television is on Sky Digital Channel 184.