“Money Politics Is Destroying Our Nation’s Democracy”, Ekiti State Hon Segun Erinle


Kayode Fayemi

A member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly has identified unemployment as the power that driving money politics in Nigeria threatening the nation’s democratic development. According to him, the tide of money incursion into the nation’s democratic process is robbing the nation of logical and result oriented governance.

Honorable Segun Erinle, from the Ilejemeje constituency of Ekiti State on a current visit to United Kingdom regretted that all the nation’s cultural and traditional values are being eroded through money politics, adding that as the nation draws closer to 2015 election, the orientation must change and people must be told of their rights to crave for good governance without mortgaging their own conscience future.

He was speaking to emn-news.com during his recent visit to the United Kingdom where he had been invited by the Ekiti community to give an account of the  Ekiti State government stewardship under the current Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi.

 He called on the government to adopt a new approach to Nigeria’s politics as the nation moves towards election 2015 so that those that matter will get engaged with good intentions..

“Our democracy is going nowhere because everything revolves around money and that is why corruption is so endemic and grab-I-grab policy is ruling the political waves”, he lamented.

  He also touched on the issue of political parties’ handling of primaries which he said had always been driven by monetary weight as the highest bidder takes the day.

Speaking about the success of democracy at the parties level, especially with many emerging challenges in the All People’s Congress,(APC), Hon Erinle linked the challenges facing many  parties to the highest bidder’s syndrome. He claimed the political tactics has robbed the nation of many good leaders with good intentions but no money to activate their ambition. According to him, the system is wrong and should be expunged from the nation’s body politic.

He regretted that  politicians for long have exploited the poverty in the society by buying the conscience of those who are vulnerable because of their financial condition.

According to him, poverty is a major problem in Nigeria and people don’t vote on issues but on how much would be offered in  money.

On the party levels, he pointed out that those  that spends more money are those with victories in the primaries elections. with the party delegates exploiting the situation to acquire money.

“Many politicians look forward to primaries as the right time to make money. He described the  system as too crude and exploiting claiming it does not represent  the political conscience  and agitation of the electorates and also does not represent or bring about the best candidate in contests”.

Segun Erinle: "Money Politics ruining Nigeria'
Segun Erinle: “Money Politics ruining Nigeria’

According to him, if democracy should succeed in Nigeria, money has to take a back stage and then true leader would be emerging with the right intentions for good political frame work

According to the lawmaker, the only way to change money politics is to ensure that people with means are chosen as party delegates because it would not be easy to buy them over.

He identified unemployment as the main reason why Nigerian youths are resorting to violence. He said that many misguided youths of today are living on blood money  with robbing, kidnapping and maiming of innocent people to grab easy money.

He claimed: This happen because the youths  lack resources in their quest for the good life and lack motivation in search of  a clear  goal for life survival.

 As he put it:”Nigeria is a well blessed nation but we seem to be selling our nation cheap to easy virtues. It is too dangerous”

According to him, both the Federal and state governments owe the nation’s youth the duty of responsible governance through motivation and empowerment..

He linked several incidents of killings in the country committed by youths  to frustration and lack of hope.

He touched on violence in Ekiti State, saying that many events that have resulted in the killings of innocent people in the state are regrettable but blameable on lack of employment opportunities.

According to him, hopelessness bred emergency political agitators with no vision and mission with many aspiring to engage in politics of do or die.

He commended the improvement made by the Nigeria Police and the SSS in tackling crimes in the country, urging them to dig more into all cases of crime with the hope of getting to the roots of the problems and bringing the culprits to books.

Hon Erinle however also touched on the political miscalculation of  Hon Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, the House of Representative  member representing Ekiti 1 Federal constituency of Ekiti State in the House of Representatives who recently has been swimming through troubled waters of political  collision with members of Ekiti State top echelon of  APC.

He had resigned from his legislative post to pursue his ambition to contest the 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State and remaining uncompromising to party directives when his  fellow members of the Ekiti State caucus removed him as leader of the caucus. Based on his refusal to step down from the race and support whoever their ‘leader’, the governor of the state, Dr Kayode Fayemi endorses, has being isolated.

opeyemi-bamidele_0Honorable Erinle described the issue an internal problem of APC, urging that the leadership of the party should look for amicable ways of resolving the issues without the need for serious public outcry as being generated by members of the Public at the moment..