Child abuse:Money power Senator walks free as a similar case in Ghana is now in Court

Ex Governor Sanni Bukura
Ex Governor Sanni Bukura

There has been another case of wedding of a minor by another Nigerian who had besotted a 12 year old girl.

The Nigerian who resides in Northern Nigeria   has been offered a 12-year-old daughter on request from the girl’s dad who lives in Ghana and the arrangee marriage was done after a deal was struck.

Fifty-two year-old  Alhaji Aliyu Garba and his friend of long standing agreed to a lump sum and attempt was made to transfer the girl to his abode in Nigeria from the girl’s residence in Ghana.

But unlike the first reported case which involved a former Nigerian State governor and now a Senate House member, both parties to the deal are now facing court actions and possible heavy fine or jail terms.

Only recently in Nigeria, a Senator and former governor, Alhaji Ahmed Sanni Bakura  took a 13-year-old Egyptian girl as  wife, and instead of formalising the marriage in Egypt , exploited the lawlessness in Nigeria to carry out his mean and illegal marriage.

The former governor paid a sum of $1oo,ooo to the girl’s family as dowry while he imported the girl’s family members lodging them in expensive hotel and paying for the family transportation to execute the wedding in Nigeria

His illegal act  had been condemned by many people and human right groups across the world.

What makes the case in Ghana more interesting is that the actors in this drama are Nigerians, but they have been dragged to court.

The father of the latest victim  who is also a Fulani cattle owner at Nkawkaw in Ghana, on Friday appeared before Mpraeso Circuit Court presided over by Mr. Alex Owusu Ofori for offering his 12-year-old daughter to marry his 52-year-old friend.

The man, Alhaji Maaju Abubakari, pleaded not guilty to the charge of force marriage and accepting dowry.

His friend, Alhaji Aliu Gariba, who is based in Nigeria, pleaded not guilty to the charge of trying to marry an under-aged girl. They have been granted 10,000 Ghana cedis bail each and they are re-appearing  on Tuesday May 5.

Prosecuting officer, Inspector Christian Apronti, told the court that last year, Alhaji Gariba visited his friend at Nkawkaw where he met the girl in his house and expressed interest in marrying her.

The prosecutor said Alhaji Abubakari, who is the head of the Fulani community in the Kwahu area, informed the daughter that his friend wanted to marry her, but she refused.

Apronti said on January 19, Alhaji Abubakari and Gariba attempted to forcibly send the girl to Nigeria in a private car, but when they got to a police check point at Nkawkaw, the girl started screaming that she would not go anywhere with them.

He said police personnel at the checkpoint became suspicious and questioned the girl after which she was sent to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit.

Alhaji Abubakari was compelled to dissolve the marriage and allow the girl to continue her education. The prosecutor said the two accused persons were granted police enquiry bail to report periodically to the police, but the police had a tip-off that they were planning to send the victim to Nigeria.

They were re-arrested and charged with the offence while the victim had been placed under the care of the Department of Social Welfare.

Source: Nigerian Tribune