Moral Turpitude-Gowon Sees A Bleak Future For Nigeria

Ex-Leader To Share N2.3Billion- General Yakubu Gowon To Benefit

Moral Turpitude-Gowon Sees A Bleak Future For Nigeria-General Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s former head of state and war time leader claims he foresees great dangers ahead  as Nigeria youths  are currently full of moral turpitude, decadence, social  indiscipline and deliberate relegation of good values in everyday life.

According to him, the country’s future is in peril of social contamination and good values bastardization unless the young ones of today are re-routed to a better path of moral decency, social reformation righteousness of attitude as indiscipline has taken over all areas of the life of today’s youths. He solicited for a new era of  moral rediscovery in order that the future of the nation’s youth are secured towards better living and moral uprightness.

He opined that the future of Nigeria appears gloomy if according to him, citizens do not rise up to certain biting issues regarding the situation of youths and many other  issues around them. He consequently called on Nigerian leaders, parents and guardians alike to urgently identify the problems and look for possible solutions, especially with the nation’s  various issues of youths’ moral decadence.

According to him, solutions stand at the footsteps of all as parents, teachers, guardians and the society at large: May I challenge every participant and invited guest here that today’s celebration calls us into deep reflection of our lost Godly values and virtues, particularly, as christian men and women, and seek to recover them.

“This occasion must therefore compel us to reflect deeply on the state of the nation, particularly the issues relating to moral decadence, sexual perversion, restiveness, precarious security challenges and corruption.

“We must rise up to deal with various issues of moral burdens in our educational institutions and labour to arrest the tide through massive prayer campaign and action.

Nigeria: \moral degeneration and derailing values is the orders of the day
Nigeria: Moral degeneration and derailing values is the orders of the day

“If we do not arise to bring our youths into the path of rectitude, then their future will appear gloomy, and, therefore, we cannot build a virile nation of trust, integrity and good governance.”

Speaking on the book launched, the former head of state described the book as an appetizer that will make the people to seek for more through God.

“This will deeply and further inspire us to remain steadfast and resolute in our walk with God on the ancient path with Him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gowon has expressed absolute confidence in the ability of the Nigerian armed forces to crush the Islamist group, Boko Haram.