More appeal made for Boye Komolafe’s burial fund as low response delays burial plans


A renewed appeal has gone out to members of the public, especially to Nigerians based in the United kingdom to show compassion to the family of Engineer Boye Komolafe, who died precisely one month ago after a futile battle with cancer.

He was a single father up to the time of his death.

Boye died in a Hospice home in East London where he was transferred  a day before his death following the collapse of his immune system  as the cancer layers  spread fast to his lungs.

His painful and pathetic end had drawn tears  from sympathisers who had expressed sympathy as he was a devoted Christian and Church worker making impacts musically in every church that he attended, especially, Celestial Church of Christ and Christ Apostolic Churches.

The sudden nature of his death and inability to gather resources due to the sickness had made it impossible for him to draw a burial plan after the reality dawn that he was going to die.

However, an appeal fund was launched on Thursday June 21, 2012, when the guardian of his 15 year old son, Gabriel came to the Nigerian Community radio, Naija 101.1fm  which painted the picture of hoe his son had appealed that  social workers had been pressing for the adoption of the son , appealing that any attempt to lose the child to the social worker would not serve the boy’s interest.

Engineer Boye Komolafe: Lived his life for God

The radio  program was hooked by Bola Abudu,(aka Iya Ibeji), who called on every Nigerian to show sympathy in order to give the last respect, honour and dignity to a man who had served God passionately and whose faith knew no bound until his last end.

It further emerged that the deceased account was empty and there was no option for a suitable burial than to appeal to sympathizers to rally round for an appeal fund tp be raised for the burial.

An account was provided and Nigerians across the city of London responded to contribute.

On Thursday, Ms Yetunde Olodo, (aka Mama 70), with whom the 15 year old has been staying came back to the radio to appeal for more fund because, only about £900 has been raised through the public appeal, while the government has pledged to provide only £1,200, making the total £2,100.

“With this amount, only a cremation option will be taken , but the by custom, Nigerians are never known to embrace cremation and the only grace to avoid the burning option is through public response to be able to meet up with the £5,800 appeal”, Ms Olodo said.

“I dont want my dad cremated. I want to be able to visit him and say our usual prayer by his graveside and creation may not provide such opportunity. Also I want to live as a Nigerian and dont want to live the Nigerian community”, 15-year old  Gabriel told me during a short interview.

Among his favourite Churches that have pledged commitments towards the burial are Christ Apostolic Church (Outreach District Headquarters), North London and Celestial Church of Christ, (Living Word Parish), also in North London. Both Chuirches have pledged their support with the later constituting a three man committee  the burial

Mr Komolafe, 55, is a native of Ilesa in Osun State of Nigeria.

He spent his early life in Ilesa town and pursued his secondary education at Ilesa Grammar School.

He graduated from University of Ibadan in the late eighties bagging BA Hons in Civil Engineering

He worked as project Director under Oyo State Ministry of Works until 1990 when he was sent on a course in Agricultural development by the government on scholarship. He arrive back in Nigeria and worked briefly with  Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture before he was recommended for an attachee post under the United Nations,

He arrived in the United Kingdom in 1992 and ever since had wrestled with life striving for a better future.

Only recently, he has been pursuing a career in Law and he followed the ambition which had been thwarted by  his death.

He was diagonised for full Bowel Cancer last October after suffering certain bowel complication for almost four years.

He breathed his last  on Thursday May 31 2012.

Bank: LloydsTSB

 Sort Code: 77-13-08

Account: 75849268

Account Name: Miss Yetunde Olodo

Boye Komolafe remained immortal in son’s life!

Immortalizing a very devoted and irreplaceable father

The fifteen old son of departed Boye Komolafe spunned friends as he attempted to immortalise his dad.

Currently  staying with a God-sent volunteer guardian…. with whom he had been palling to come to terms with the tragedy, something unusual has been sighted,  emblazoned on his full arm. It read:” CHECKS AND BALANCES”.. His response to a question on why the inscription: “I love my dad. I want him to live with me forever. I have to do it because this is the only thing I can do to remember him now that he is dead. He was always teaching me to be well disciplined and to live life with checks and balances in order to be attune with God”. Gabriel immortalised his dad by inscribing his life guide motto:” Checks and balances”, so tha his dad will be living with him for ever!

On the burial plans and the current choice of  a cremation:“I want to visit my dad occasionally because he is the only thing for me in life after my mother was denied me long ago. It is almost becoming impossible as no enough money has been raised for his burial and we may go for the cremation option”

*Editor: OMG… How do we sooth the pain of this 15 years old whose plight has been drawing sympathy from many close totyhe family? How I wish I am able to bankroll the burial… Lord have mercy… About six thousand Pounds needed and less than £1000 only collected from voluntary donations paid to an account opened last week for this purpose…. How?