Mum faces jail for sending teenager to Nigeria against his wish


EdirinThe mother of a Nigeria teenager has been ordered to return him back to Britain within ten days or face jail for sending him home to Nigeria against his will

Unless she succeeds in bringing him back to British soil, she risks about four years imprisonment.

Edirin Onogeta-Idogun, who lived most of his life in Britain, claimed his mother, Lydia Erhire, disapproved of his lifestyle and took extreme measures to “purge” him of his resistance to get married, including performing exorcisms on him.

Fearing he would be entered into a forced marriage by his parents, the teenager  sought assistance from the law, and a protection order was issued.

The order was not only given to obstruct a forced marriage from occurring but to prevent further intimidation and violence and stop Onogeta-Idogun from being taken abroad.

However, London’s High Court today heard the teenager was “tricked” into returning to Nigeria for a vacation in July 2010, where he was then allegedly held against his will. His father, John Idogun, holds political influence in the country as an adviser to the governor of Delta State.

Edinrin  Onogeta Idogun.

When the teen alerted the British authorities that the protection order was broken, his mother, who lives in London, was ordered to ensure his safe return to the UK.

But while attempting to return to Britain from Abuja International Airport in the Nigerian capital on February 1, Onogeta-Idogun was arrested by Nigerian immigration officials. His whereabouts are now unknown.

Mrs Erhire was warned today by Mrs Justice Macur that if the teen was not returned to Britain by February 14 with her co-operation then she would go to prison, as the judge believed Onogeta-Idogun “was in grave danger.”

Leaving the witness box, the mother sobbed, “Let me die … I don’t care about him, and he doesn’t care about me. I do not want to be here. I am tired and fed up.”

Both Mr Idogun and Mrs Erhire deny the allegations. Sentencing was adjourned until February 14.