My ambition is to serve top celebrities, but my customers are mostly the public, says cake maker, Maria M.Michael

Maria Majekodunmi
Maria Majekodunmi

Marvelous Maria M. Michael is a unique woman with a special mission- to build another little world around popular celebrities and have their days made special for them.

She has been  working tirelessly for this goal and her vision has been trumpeted  to thousands around the world who have recognised  her  and are responding positively to appreciate her mission. Innovative Maria is  leaving no stone unturned to make this dream come to reality. She has been making waves on the internet while exhibiting her God-given talent to members of the public through social networks.

Sophistication, class, taste,uniqueness- put up any adjective and you will be right. Her creativity is simply marvelous.

The lady of virtue who is also an ardent Church goer recently carved a cliché for herself as a celebrity cake maker and occasion consultant with the mission of giving celebrities’ happy days a special touch and enhancement, such that will make the occasion more memorable.

She recently emerged as an authentic cake maker and designer. Look below and see the uniqueness in her hand work. It is simply scintillating.

“This creativity has only been come by through my daily adventure and accidentally I struck a right chord. I like to always use my hand for possibilities and I came about cake making through my adventure with sugar moulding” claimed Maria Majekodunmi Michael who has a humble background as a Biochemist graduate. She also has her masters degree.

“Yes my education has helped me to a large extent but I have always been a busy body in the house experimenting with so many possible things I can touch with my hands” claimed Maria, the daughter of a devoted Christian counsellor, and Prophetess, Titi Majekodunmi.

Maria's cake, so special
Maria's cake, so special

Her husband, Social and Gospel singer Shola Michael is also a creative artist, who for several years has been making waves on the London music scene.

“He encourages me a lot and I thank him for always being there for me”.

She is working hard making designer cakes such that are really uncommon to sight on the world menu of cake making

“I receive hundred of letters each week with people inquiring about how I came across the ideas and I have always answered; “It is simply a gift from God”. Maria insists cake baking is a pastime she has cherished so much and that her recent  popularity  is just come about by people’s appreciation of all her works as displayed on some social fora, among them Facebook.

“It’s only an adventure through sugar moulding. Today as I am now making the old past time as a carer and perfection and golden touch are my real watch words”, she insists.

Her hand-crafted cake species have bought over thousands across the globe over and they make inquiries on phone and on line.

“It is amazing how people keep asking for more hints about the secrets of how my new cake creativity is come by”.

Her hard work in the world of  hand-crafted cake species and sugar-mix perfection has earned her a place as  member of British Sugarcraft Guild and she is now a car carrying member of the respected sugar club.

“It is just a natural thing in me and a bit of training from those who are the best in the business.

“I have made creativity and excellence my watch- word and it will remain the soul of my new found business and that is why people are bought over by my cake designs”, she told in a chat.

“I have got lots of top people inquiring about how I came about the ideas of designer cake making”, she continued.

Already, she is pitching her tent with destiny as a young celebrity consultant in the world of Party organisation.

Maria Majek's Cake-ville
Maria Majek's Cake

“ We bake cakes, but we can make a big difference to your social gathering. I use cebrity repeatedly because majority of those contacting me for jobs are top Nigerian celebrities from home and across the world even from America because they saw my works on the facebook”, claims Maria.

No doubt, within a short period of commencing her adventure, she has made an awesome impact in the business.

Talk about latest recipes, colourings, icing and shapes and many more, Maria will give you more than what you want.

Beautiful cheerful and charming Maria says she is ready for all the challenges as time has come for her  to shed off her  quiet nature and get down to real business.

Indeed, the sky is the limit as she sets a good target for her new career.

She is an amazing hand craft woman combining style with class and taste with divergent  flavour.

“There’s something very exciting about being part of someone’s big day”

“I am a mother, homemaker, scientist, engineer, singer, businesswoman, cake decorator, designer, avid reader and a  poet, claiming her ….the list is endless. Really, we are all more than what we seem”.

There is no doubt that Maria has put more efforts to cake craft ever since discovering herself as a rare talent.

Her education as a  Biochemical Engineer may have helped a lot motivate her in some cases, but the fact remains that hard work and dedication has played a big part in her new love and there is no doubt that for herm, the sky is the limit.

Maria Majek's Cake.
Maria Majek's

This Saturday, Maria will host interested well- wishers to a special cake viewing session.. dfispalying some of her designed cakes and offer an opportunity for the public to ‘have a bite’

She has rattles the world of cake making with her unique style of designer species stunned the new world of baking with a rare creativity combining talent  with real hard work and proficiency.

Her cake outlook is unique and the uniqueness has drawn thousand of admirers and bidders who are craving to be treated on their big day, be it wedding, birthdays, harvest anniversaries and many more.

Many of her admirers on the facebook have been held spellbound and her experimentation during her pastime activities has paid off pitching her tent with top World celebrities and stars both in the music world and especially on social network such as face book and twitters.

“Creativity is the soul of my business, says Maria M Michael.

“At Maria Michael Cakes, we decorate delicious vanilla sponges cakes, carrot cakes, red velvet cakes, chocolate cakes, rum cakes, coconut cakes, fruit cakes, and allergen free cakes. All can be made into cupcakes. If you can crave it, we can make it!

She is however inviting all to a special cake tasting event this weekend to tantalise and trigger her potential customers’ taste appetites.

As a multi purpose woman,  she prides herself as a very uniquely talented and takes pride in being a good mother and home maker,

“I am a mother, homemaker, scientist, engineer, singer, businesswoman, cake decorator, designer, avid reader, poet….the list is endless. Really, we are all more than what we seem” she said, quoting  the famous Chinese philosopher, Confiscus:.’The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential….these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence’

‘I don’t know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived’ – Maria also quoted Will Smith to draw closer home her rare crave for adventure and better life goals.

Meet her on Saturday at her taster occasion and the details are as follows:

Fancy that! Amazing creation.
Fancy that! Amazing creation.

Be part of 3M’s “Have a bite” meeting on Saturday July 3

Event: Maria Michael Cakes – Taster Event

Start Time: 03 July at 12:00
End Time: 03 July at 14:00
Where: South Croydon, London

Cost is £10 to forestall overcrowding and disorderliness on the day.

I am seriously looking forward to meeting my brides -to -be this weekend at my cake taster event. There’s something very exciting about being part of someone’s big day. Can’t wait to meet you all and look at beautiful pictures of cakes together”, Maria concluded…